On the eve of 6th Edition

I came across this and felt the need to share.  The original post can be found at White Scars Blog

Twas the night before 6th ed, when all through the house
Not a Army was built, not even Grey Knights.
The receipts were stored in the wallets with care,
In hopes that their pre-orders soon would be there.
The gamers were nestled all snug in their chairs,
While visions of grim dark danced in their heads.
With wives in their beds, and GF’s at home,
They sighed at our sight and settled for a nap.
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
They sprang from their chair to see what was the matter.
Away to the window they flew like a flash,
Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.
The moon shown on the lawns below
Gave the lustre of mid-day to objects below.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But my bros in a car shouting “Midnight release is here”.
With a designated driver, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment we would need to be quick.
More rapid than orks with RPJ, We whooped and whistled, and WAAGGHHEEDD, to all those that were near
“Now Smurfs’s! now, Bluies! now, Space Elves and Greenies!
On, Robbits! On, Bugs!, on Demons and Sisters!
To the top of the pile! to the top of the tier!
Now dash away! Dash away! You will be cheese by this fall!”
As dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly,
When meet with an obstacle, the gamers did cry.
So to the internet the gamers did fly,
With a hardback rulebook, and a new sprue or two.
And then, in the night, The forums did fly
as new ideas blew the roof sky high.
As I grabbed my keyboard, and began to type,
The doomsaying began to abound.
From Australia to America the cries could be read,
with threats of fire turning the books to soot.
A bundle of armys on ebay were found,
And it looked like mechdar was leaving the pack.
But amongst this chaos, the mods blew a whistle,
And told people to chill before closing the threads.
But I heard them exclaim, before the hammer did fall,
“Chill the hell out and play some 6th first”
Happy 6th edition to all, see you all soon

 It is out of season but is wargamers "wintereenmas" See Ctrl+Alt+Del for more details.
Maybe we should call it Neweditiocomas. (tm)

Anyone else as excited as I am?

Giddeon Prime - The forces muster....

The final battles dates and teams have been chosen. Due tot he scale of the battle it will be taking place over the period of two days late August. That gives us two months to get the 6th edition rules down abit better.

Amusing the team have fallen along cliche battle lines of Order versus Destruction. One would thin it was planned but no it just happened.

Forces of Order-vs-Forces of Destruction
Black TemplarsChaos SM
EldarDark Eldar
Imperial GuardDaemons

Now onto he story.......


The room echoed with the drumming of Mephiston’s clawed fingers on the table. Around the table before him were the lesser beings, but he would need them in the upcoming battle. A mock-up of the forces was projected on the display, the images taking a red hue reflected from the pool of blood below. Looking around the table he took stock on his “allies” for the upcoming battle.

To his right was Archon Drago Preato, leader og the Rilyn Vuz-Stra  Cabal. Cloaked in flickering shadows him lithe frame hid a seething killing grace, and unsettling unblinking eyes. Malice seemed to leak and bleed the air around him. Even now Drago caressed his blade laid on the table before him, like a mother to her child. Khronus hoped he could contain his rage long enough to finish this brief.

Like a statue Amenophis Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty stood, refusing to sit. Like a statue he was draped in silken, which trailed behind as he walked. The ‘staff’ on the table gleaned in the dim light, its blade unusually sharp. The glow of Amenophis' eyes, contrasted the gloom.

Helmgore Grosstremble sipped deeply from his goblet, letting the liquid run out the corners of his mouths. Cackling in laughter, it changed to another form to catch the drops before they fell to the ground. Its shimmering form was unsettling, but Khronus knew its masters blessed him with its presence.

Banging his hand on the table, Mephiston took a breath as his allies took stock of him. 

“When this war began, we turned on each other. Like animals we fought or whatever scarps we could claim. Now look at us, betrayed by the very bonds that hold us together.

This planet is our, we only need to reach out at take it. Our forces wait to bathe in the blood of the enemy. Who are we to deny them the small pleasures in life? Against us our enemies have allied with the children of the weak Imperial corpse.

That whih serves its struggle for life must now be extinguished. What harms its struggling life is bad and must be eliminated and cut out. With burning hearts and cool heads we will overcome the paltry forces set against us at this phase of the war. We are on the way to final victory.

The great crises and upsets of battle show who the true men are. We have no right any longer to allow this blight of weakness to display its determination and spiritual impurity. We are ready for anything. Chaos has commanded, and we will follow. In this hour of reflection and contemplation, believe firmly and unshakably in victory. We see it before us, we need only reach for it. We must resolve to subordinate everything to it. That is the duty of the hour.

Now rise up and let the storm break loose!”
We have recent received an Apocalypse book and the point limit had been removed to allow a more 'epic' battle.  Lord Mephisotn has taken the lead and is coordinating the battle and keeping players informed of the changes and what-they-need-to-know.

This will be out first Apoc game and hopefully not our last.

6th Edition comes....

Apologies ofor the lack og updates. I do have allot of stories and articles in "draft" form though.  The rumors of 6th edition and life have been keeping me very busy.

I am SO excited I can hardly contian myself,.  A new edition always brings in my favourite aspect of the game. It is nto the new rules, the inner confusion and the rejigging of "winner" list  but new influx of players. WHether they be returning for a hiatis of newbs fresh off the Drop pod they will bring a breathe of air to the hobby ona whole.  

*lol* starting to sound like a senile old fool.  Stay tuned for the Apocalypse updates. The Forces of Chaos were spied on during their briefing and the gauntlet was thrown down.

The war for Giddeon Prime is over!!

As with all good things......they come to an end.

With the news of a new edition the players decided to put a premature end to the campaign. It was fun whilst it lasted and I'm sure many rivalries have been created.

As many had bought, or where purchasing super-heavies we decided to let each other lead players command an alliance to decide the final overall victor. With a mad cackle 10,000 per side was chosen as the remaining players were divided. It was decreed that the two vets were not allowed on the same team, being good sports we agreed and it oddly set-up a classic match up.

I have to admit coordinating this campaign did have some additional challenges, my wife was away for two (2) months and sitters disappeared. *grumble* but also, reinforces the difficulty in running and playing in the same campaign.

I hope the players had fun. Stay tuned for the final fluff and scores. I have been negligent in my blogging, so have a few post to catch up on.

Campaign feedback appreciated. What did you like/dislike? Ways to improve? What type pf campaign are you interested in? Willing to run the next?

Return to Giddeon Prime - End of Summer

The forces of Imperium of Man - Black Templar and Imperial Guard, had showed up for the meeting that was to address the concern of the Tyranids.

Return to Giddeon Prime - End of Summer Scenario

There have been sightings of Tyranids all over Gideon Prime. The armies that are stationed there know that if there is one bug, there are bound to be more... Wishing to parley the Commanders decided to meet at "stone table" to decided the fate of Giddeon Prime. A desolate piece of land stone table sits in a basin surrounded hills, the land abandoned once the mines ran dry. As the commanders debated the various sub-commanders watched from their camps wary and waiting for some sign of treachery.

Giddeon Prime - End of Summer

Spores continue to rain down on the planet, spreading the Tyranids infestation of Giddeon Prime. The hive tyrant senses the prey of this planet are divided and weak, a lair has been established, the next phase of advancement begins.

Chaplin Adolfus rises from a prayer of thanks to the EMPEROR and blesses those breathern around him. The Necrons thought they could push north but with righteous fury the Black Templars halted their advancement and pushed them back and captured some of their territory. While to the west more Xeno scum perished under the blades of the blessed.

Imperial guard commander ( Don't know which one), looks over his maps one more time in his siege line bunker. Doubts run through his mind about the assault coming of the capital. With so few men and resources left he is cautious, wanting to make sure victory is possible.

Maphiston the Reborn rises to his feet. The whispers of the gods have finally given him an insight on the movements of the enemy. With a wet growl commands are issued and the armies of the dark gods advance once again from the cold north.

Turn 9 - Movement
As the summer drew to a close it seemed everyone was making grab for territory.  The map heaved a sigh as armies marched in all directions.  BT tunred their eyes to Necrons, and the Cron continued the 'grudge' match against the DE.  Eldar were getting pushed back by the encroaching Nids, and left the city to its fate.  Tau used the shift to attempt to stamp out the last Daemon forces and Chaos marched on them.
Turn 9 - Final
No one saw this, but BT pushed to the lead tied with Chaos for the end of summer.  The ELdar hold had finally been broken by the NIds. Tau, oddly, held the same amount of territories as no one seemed to be attack them. The dice proved to be the victor as another series of failed capture rolls happened.

Laughing at the outcomes, everyone agreed that the campaign was going to get fierce int he last season of its 1st campaign year.  What will Fall bring????

Return to Giddeon Prime

Player Race Flag Colours
Paul Eldar White
Richard Imperial Guard Blue/Red

Tyler Tau Green
Thomas Necron Yellow
Romar Daemons Black
Josh Chaos SM Red/Red
Aaron Dark Eldar Black/Gold
Harold Templar SM Blue
CJ Tyranids Orange


Based on the moves made so far, who do you think will win the 1st campaign year?

Wednesday Ramdomness and Painting Charts

 Stumbling through my blog list, I came across the post that seemed to come from my mind.  The post was on finding a balance between playing and playing the image below sums up the post.

As I read through the comments I can across a mention of a painting chart.  This is not something new, BUT i finally took the time to create one myself.  I followed a link to Admiral Drax's blog and took it from there.

The hour spent creating my initial template was worth it. I can now see how far I have come and how much work I need to complete for my Eldar army. I look forward to creating the Space Marine, C SM and Vampire Counts charts.

Eldar Painting Chart
As you can see, I have made allot of headway in very little time, but still have a way to go. I look forward to my Eldar getting completed.

I wish to thank Admiral Drax for inspiring me to get this done.

Campaign Update - Summer T7 and 8

I'm in your base, eating your face....
 Apologies for the long delay on the campaign update and the blog in general.  Lives threw me a fast ball, and I have been a solo parent for the past month.  My daughter has TOO much energy and has been wearing me out.

Monday Randomness

Catching up on my weekly reading at Bell of Lost Souls, I came across one of thier many 'intersting' reads.
Whilst I usually comment on thier site. I have chosen to write on my own regarding my view of the article and its comments.  The original article canbe found here "Grey Knights make me a worse player", please take some time to read the article if you haven't.  I persoanlly found it amusing and (to me) typical of BoLs misdirect.
To parapharse the article:
  • GK are too easy to win with.
  • I learned them on one game.
  • they are not a challaenge.
  • GW needs to balance its codex
  • ranodm whine about how broken they are
  • random gripe.
  • insert commentors.
The best response to this artcile is sadly posted on another page.
Brent Davey   I find it funny that theirs this whole rage about the competitive nature of 40k people need to learn that the internet lists don't always win. at 2000 points if you believe the internet a dark elder witch army would destroy any tau army but i have found that to no be the case in my personal experience.
In my experience it my suposidly top tier space wolfs army actual dose bad against grey knights, where as my low tier armys being Tau and Orks actually mess up grey knight quite well. admirably the grey knights i fight aren't the silly over the top but nether are my Tau or Ork armys.
and on the subject of codex creep find it funny cause if you all look at who writes any given codex it wards stuff that seams to brake all the rules (still think he was ether stoned, drunk or both when he wrote grey knights).
Why do i feel this comment is a relevant reply? Because it sums up an amusing point.  GKs can and do get beaten by the more lower powered armies. But shouldn't they be an 'auto-win'' button? 
 The article makes a few valid points (I think) but fails to note one thing, player ability. There was a series of articles the weeks before regarding "Playing laterally and how to win when the internets say you suck".
I think this is a HUGE factor in the creation of this articel. BigRed forgot to factor in the fact that is is a highly skilled longtime player.  I persoanlly have found that more skilled players can do wonders with any army that they play.  Will an "easier" to play army give them less of a challenge? Yes, but the same can be said for any army. 

I have seen  new players, cream  veteran players in thier first games.  I have also seen veteran players finish 2k battles in under 1 hour.  Player ability has allot to do with how an army plays and how easy it seems. 
Also Warhammer 40 and WFB has a main flavor that has been GWs philosophy for a long time.  "All armies are not created equal" this menas that some are easier to play then others, some test a players ability and furstration levels. Some match-ups will ebe tough as they are SUPPOSE to be.  This is one of the aspects I enjoy about playing 40k, they amount of discussion arguements I have had with new and pld plauyers around 'this is OP'd etc..' are amusing.  Most of these discussion can be resolved by considering all units of the codex in comparison to another codex and the armies overall theme  (strengths/weaknesses)

I think thiis ramble, went in a weird direction....

So you think a player's skill/ability has a major factor on thier fun/and if they win?

Campaign - Summer Begins

Summer begins with a "blood" rain

 The sky darken as the spores began to fall. A tendril of Hive Fleet Achaierai had founds its way through the circling fleets.The plains around Hive City Mujuilp shock at the main tendril lunged towards the city. 

Suffer not the heretic to live!

For the past couple of months I have been suffering the gamers equivalent of ‘writer’s block. Let us call it what I really is, I have become BORED and restless when it comes to gaming. This has not only been tabletop gaming, but also board games, cards, PS3 and PC games. This has causes mental crash and build-up on my project table and life in general.

Return to Giddeon Prime - Spring Scenario

The meaning of victory is not the defeat of your enemy but his utter destruction, to eradicate him from living memory, leaving no remnant of his endeavours, crushing utterly his every achievement and removing from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the true meaning of victory.  -- Tactica Imperium --

Return to Giddeon Prime - Campaign Errata & FAQ

No rulebook is created in a vacuum.If you have ever written a campaign booklet you understand the conflictual rules you sometimes create.  Thanks to all the players and your patience so far with the campaign.

Thank you to all involved as we streamline the rules.


Movement Phase:
  •   Delete - 'At all times at least one army must be kept within a players empire to defend the land, any other armies may roam freely' YES, this means you can attack with all three (3) armies, but you might leave yourself open to attack.

Declare War:
  • A commander and his/her force can only answer one (1) challenge per turn. 
  • Declare War:  If another player *non allied* has an army in your empire you must issue a challenge to them. To answer the challenge move a corresponding commander token to the same square. D6+1 movement to see if you can reach.
Resolve Victories & Defeats:
  • Delete - The Defeated player must roll on the Ignominious Defeats table. Any Commander that was removed as a casualty during the game must roll on the Character Injuries table.
  • Delete - their capitol.
Resolve Expeditions:
  • No change

Removed from PlayDefeated Armies (Removed): can return the next turn, but can not move, build or defend. This is to represent the forces regrouping.

Total Defeat: A player can be removed from the campaign by being totally defeated.  To be removed they need to lose all tiles and have the army "removed from play" result on V&Defeats table.  If they are driven back they shall go in a random (scatter die direction). They can choose to fall back into a "allies" territory or to their fleet.

Attacking with No Tiles A player can choose to make lightning strike against any territory without an army.  This is to represent the remaining forces attempting a gamble.  

Cancelled Campaign TurnsIf three (3) players are unable to make a schedule movement phase that campaign turn will be a "draw" and no armies will move nor will territories change hands.


Can I take the last two territories of 'player X' he isn't here to defend? - Short answer, No.  A player needs to fight for his last few territories, due tot he implications it would be unfair to allow this to happen via dice rule.

Can I capture a territory if no battle was fought? (lack of defending force/ player absence/ player trade) - Yes, these rolls are made the moral victory and defensive line modifiers.

Do I have to capture the tile?  - No, but why not!

How many buildings can I build? -There are a finite amount of buildings available, once they are gone no more can be built.

Feel free to submit additional questions.................

Return to Giddeon Prime - Turn#6

"He who is not " hissed as the sounds echoed through the air. His heads ringing as the noise forced a scream from his tortured throat.

Playstyles - Simple

...and then the Grinch got a wonderful, *awful* idea!

I have been doing some random thinking and watching games played in the last couple of weeks at my local gaming club. Each player seems to have developed various styles of play and tactics. These tactics do not always suit the army being played but can be used as a base.

Return to Giddeon Prime - Spring Scenario

Spring Scenario

Alliances are put to the test as the armies via for control over Giddeon Prime. Two combined forces meet on the battlefield, each ready to stake their claim on Giddeon. This battle is based around two ‘Alliances” fighting each other to decide which side wins the day.

Power Armour Challenge - Final Results

I was robbed! The competition was loaded and stacked against me! The loyalist scum will rue this day! *joking BTW*

The results have been posted and yours truly did not win. But I did place a respectable second place. I do not have a WIP of the champion as it was a slight rush job. You can find the results at Millest's Mediocre Meanderings - PA Results

I will be posting a “What I did” analysis later this week though of my entry.

The winning entry is nice piece, very simple in design and execution. I personally, like the striking contrast of the chosen colour palette.

I wish to thank Miliest’s for the exposure.

Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#5

Amenophis's grin spread like aplague amonndt his troops. He did not remember why this seemed pleasant but it always caused his enemies to cover in fear. He extended his metallic hand and crushed the skull of the nearby human. Flicking the tattered uniform of blue and orange away his strode away. The prayers of the nearby men of the Longtail reached his ears, he spun around is anger but only smiled. Let them pray to their corpse 'god', the pitiful creatures needed what comfort they could muster, it made breaking them more fun.

Twirling the goblet in his fingers, Archon Dragao smiled and sipped the fresh vintage. The blood of the mon'keighs had been spilled in his name. He started as the mandrake appears and whispered its messages, its voice piercing the shadows in a whisper. "Our Kin emerge victories against the Black Knights. The Black armored ones regroup and prepare another assault. They harbour the remains of the Guard" Its message complete hie dismissed it with a flick of his wrist. Fading into the gloom, it it spoke "We grow impatient, of the feast on our kin. You have been warned, we will not wait longer" Roaring to his feet he slashed at the mandrake as it faded into the air. Spilling his 'wine' he slumped back into his chair, the air chilling with his mood.

Turn#5 - Start & Movement

It appears the gloves were off as all player made advances and the map became a bloody mess. The IG had a desperate battle as they fended off the Dark Eldar and Necron to hold their last tiles. The Black Templars and Eldar feud continued (the Black templars challenged earlier in the week) Chaos (both CSM and Daemons) attempted to press the weakened Tau into a corner.


Turn#5 - Final

When the dust settled. Teh Eldar had claimed another tile and the Daemons had regained a foothold on Giddeon Prime. Sadly the IG had been pushed into their allies territory. The Necron player breathed a sigh of relief as he and the IG had been going at every weekend.

Rule FAQ:
Defeated Armies (Removed): can return the next turn, but can not move, build or defend. This is to represent the forces regrouping.


Return to Giddeon Prime

Player Race Flag Colours
T1 T2 T3
Paul Eldar White
9 10
Richard Imperial guard Blue/Red
2 0
Tyler Tau Green
7 7
Thomas Necrons Yellow
5 6
Romar Chaos Deamons Black
2 3
Joshua Chaos SM Red/Red
9 8
Aaron Dark Eldar Black/White
8 9
Harold Black Templars Blue
8 7

Retrun to Goddeon Prime - Turn#4 the new Spring

Apologies for the late update. Surfing the wave of a slight funk, so doing anything has become trying.


The air misted as the hatch closed, the engines kicking up dust as they throttled up. Autarch Adzimehend surveyed the landing area as the Exarches flexed with unease. Soon the fires of war would be fanned and they would test their skills.

Col Shastri lashed out his bottle of amnesic shattering against they side of the chimera. Treachery, betrayal his mind raced as the scouts reported the movement of the his Black Templar allies. The forward outpost was his not their, but how could he urge with suck zealots. Voxxing his men he warned them to retreat and allow Templars the outpost. They had other things to be worry about the Dark Eldar and Necron were slowly advancing and claiming ground.

Turn#4 - The Spring Dawns

The Spring started off with betrayal and weakened alliances. IG fought off a Dark Eldar probe, whilst their Black Templar 'allies' claimed a piece of their territory. The combined fronts were too much and the Necron and IG forces traded tiles. The Necrons and IG swapping manufactoriums.

In the north the Tau fought bravely as the forces of CSM and Daemons laid siege to one of their spaceports. A very interesting battle was fought and it looked close until a CSM demon prince ran the Tau gun line to the ground. The Tau forces consented and retreated leaving spaceport in CSM hands. The Daemon forced the retreating Tau further north and did not allow them to fall back into their territory.

The Eldar attempted to claim the last tile deep the BT territory. The sneak attack was successful with a "11" being rolled.
Turn#4 - Final Results


WIP - Plauge Bearer

It has been awhile since I have painted something none Eldar or Space Marine related. As I have a habit of painting other models I grabbed Plague Bearer from RD to paint.

I was kind excited as this would be my first daemon. After settling on a scheme I wondered how fast I could complete the model to just above table top quality. This put a kink in my planning process which caused me to randomly surf for more pictures of the filthy buggers.

Step1: I chose a simple Chaos Black Base coat, it is a personal preference and i wanted the daemon to look dirty.

Base Coat - Chaos Black

Step 2: As green is the colour of Nurgle I selected bright green as the base skin tone. A ample overbrush was applied

First Colour - Snot Green

Step 3: A second green was used to dull the original and add a secondary sin tone. Goblin Green was overbrushed leaving the Snot Green showing in places.

Second Colour - Goblin Green

Step 4: Tired of seeing green the horns, nails and teeth were painted Denab Stone. Mecharite Red was applied to the exposed fleshy areas and Orche Shade to the 'worms'. I was not to sure how the yellow would look, but the contrast proved to work.

Base Colours - Mecharite Red, Denab Stone, Orche Shade

Step 5 -Boltgun was was applied to the sword and nose ring.

Metals - Boltgun Metal

Step 6 - the horn and worms were highlighted, bright colours were used as the model was going to get think wash to finish it off.

Highlights - Skull White, Sunburst Yellow

Step 7 - Bottled Talent was applied. I don't care what people say the washes are good.

Shading - Gryphonne Sepia

Finished(?) Product -

Over all I am pleased with how fast I was able to complete the project. 45 minutes minus the over night dry for the wash. I might apply some rust to he weapon and a generous coat of Water effects for a slimy look. This and my recent CSM are rekindling my painting and slowly chipping away at the painters' block my Eldar caused.

Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#3 and End of the Winter Season

Apologies for the delay, been abit busy getting over being sick.

Turn#3 - The Betrayal
This was an interesting turn. Daemons were pushed into a corner as a Tau and BT expended their borders. Eldar fought off a BT assault as their Kin struggled with IG. The Necrons shored up their territories. Not being present the Daemons and Chaos SM were victim to the random result table, causing the Daemons to lose two (2) territories to the Tau.
Turn#3 - Movement

Turn#3 - Final

Winter Scenario
The cold winds blow across the plains. A ripple is felt in the warp as a figure emerges. Stumbling blindly in the snow he moves forward. His head spinning as his lurches from place to place. What secrets does he have knowledge of, what is his purpose? Feeling this disturbance the forces laying siege to Giddeon Prime converge on the location each intent on capturing the wandering soul.

Description: A single objectives was placed in the centre of the table. This objective would randomly move each players' movement phase 2D6 scatter unless claimed by an infantry model. The claim the objective it needed to be base to base with the infantry model. Whilst claimed it would attempt to escape its captures, and ion a roll of '6' would scatter again as its essence was moved via the warp.

Objective Stats: T4 Sv3++ W1 *any unit that destroyed the objective would be removed from play as the shadows claimed the attacker. The lone warrior would return the next movement phase.

Forces: Each player was given 1250pts to allocate to their force.

Deployment: Due to the urgent nature and the instability generated players could not deploy within 24" of the lone warrior. No other limitation were given. This was to represent armies rushing to the area and converging.
Winter Scenario Narrative:
Castellan Gallahad looked forward as the Chaos Marines advanced, his temper barely held in check as his man shouldered their weapons and recited battle hymns. The air was filled with screams of the dying as the Imperial forces fought a desperate battle to secure the Lone Warrior. He spared a look toward his Longtail allies, as saw their battle line was a ruin. Dead littered the slopes as daemons gorged themselves on the numerous corpses.
Moulderfondle Gnashwhine grinned a drop of slime falling tot he ground at his feet. Though he had not claimed the Lone Warrior as a plaything, his forces had relished in the carnage wrought on the IG. The remaining forces flickered back into the immaterium as Gorighsfy held of metal men at bay.

*No one managed to claim the "Lone Warrior" The chaotic seven player battle proved to be the only victor. Fun was had (?) by all involved and many new blood feuds were created for the next season. After slaughtering the IG, the Daemon's found the battle amusing and made a new enemy. The Black Templars and Chaos can not wait to finish their duel that was started.
All in all it was an interesting scenarios and might be used again, though not with more then 4 players.

Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#2

Forces of Giddeon Prime
  • Chaos Forces of Mephiston the Reborn (Solid Red Flag)
  • The Eldar Mul-Girtab (White Flags)
  • Rilyn Vuz-Stra Dark Eldar (Black/Gold Flag
  • Chaos Daemons (Black Flag)
  • Necrons (Yellow Flag)
  • The "Longtails" Imperial Guard Regiments (Red/Blue Flag)
  • Black Templars (Blue Flag)
  • Tau (Green Flag)

This turn was quiet as forces secured thier borders and set upon building new installations. The Eldar charged the Daemon held city and its surrounding plains as the IG prepared to hold off a Necron and Dark Eldar advance.

Forming a shaky alliance the Necron and Dark Eldar forces squared off against the IG as they held a long bastion. Surviving the initial onslaught the battle looked bleak as the IG watched the slow advance of the Necron horde. Flicking into view the Dark Eldar closed on the IG line, as a "stray" guass beam arced into their raider. Succubus Selene snarled as the bile rose in her throat, she howled as her raider swerved and bore down on the Necron force. The IG watched as the alliance broke and the Necron and Dark Eldar slaughtered each other. When the dust settled, Major Duros shrugged as the Dark Eldar disappeared leaving broken Necron bodies.

Hive City Mujuilp was liberated by Seer Onetsa's strike-force as they drove deep into the Daemon held territories. The Daemons drove into the shadowy waste, plotting their next move.

{{[Waiting on the updated map]}}

Return to Giddeon Prime - Initial Landing & Turn#1

The map was revealed and the players anxiously choose their colours and marshaled their forces. 3d6 were rolled and the order randomly chosen to deploy forces and initial landing zones.

The skies and ground trembled as the armies appeared from the warp, dropships and rose from the frozen south.

  • Chaos Forces of Mephiston the Reborn (Solid Red Flag) deployed to the frozen North. Claiming a Spaceport and Hive City Broazsh.
  • The Eldar Mul-Girtab (White Flags) claimed the Eastern Spaceport and the surrounding terrain.
  • Sensing his brother close, Archon Dragao O'Preto (Black/Gold Flag) and his Rilyn Vuz-Stra war-band broke through the webway sweeping over the southern battlements.
  • The citizens of Hive City Mujuilp were ravaged as the warp blenched the Chaos Daemons (Black Flag) into their streets, the incursion chasing the survivors tot he nearest Spaceport.
  • The the far north, the Necrons (Yellow Flag) rose from thier slumber and started to march across north.
  • Responding tot he call for aid, the Bermudiana 501st ‘Longtails’ Imperial Guard Regiments (Red/Blue Flag) made planetfall at the SW Spaceport and prepared a defensive line.
  • Along the Eastern battlements the Black Templars (Blue Flag) marshaled their forces and prepared their crusade banners.
  • The Tau (Green Flag) swept in using the NE Spaceport as a staging ground, ready to spread the "Greater Good"
Giddeon Prime - Landing
As the campaign fever spread, everyone took their initial 1st turn. )Wanted to wait a week, but...) the season was rolled.......and the campaign started in the "Winter"

Force markers were placed and the armies marched forward.

  • Chaos secured the northern lands and the nearby power station.
  • The Eldar forces did not advance, choosing get the abandoned manufactorium and power station working.
  • The DE surged towards the Hive City, wishing to test themselves against the Daemons.
  • Sensing the approaching forces the Daemons moved to intercept the Tau forces.
  • The Necrons slowly moved to the Hive City going around the approaching IG.
  • The Longtails attempted to force the Necrons back but were held off by the unyielding machines.
  • The Black Templars moved to engage the approaching DE.
  • The Tau cautiously moved forward and were caught in the Daemon advance, a brief battle was fought over the manufactorium. The Tau retreating to regather their forces.
Winter - Turn#1
Note: The paint pot is a temporary marker for the Tau.

A very uneventful turn. The mood was grim, mostly due to the crappy weather and noisy kids, as everyone packed up to leave. The gears could be heard turning ans schemes and plans were formed. The next Turn looks to be a bloody one.

The map is not as crowded as I thought it would be. A few open spaces will make for some intense battles.

Return to Giddeon Prime (intro) - A Warhammer 40k Campaign

It is a new year and it is time to roll out a new campaign for new players and old.

We will be returning to Giddeon Prime and seeing who can conquer the planet.

Giddeon Prime
On the southern edge of the Eastern Fringe to the galactic south of Black Reach in the Charadon Sector is the sector known as Giddeon Prime. Hundreds of worlds were cut off from the light of the Astronomican, the Light of the Emperor. The Imperium of Man had not experienced such a time since the Age of Strife, twenty millennium ago. Systems that were once bastions of civilization have fallen into riotous anarchy. Forge worlds have secluded themselves, preparing to spend thousands of years in darkness as they had done before. Some worlds simply ceased to exist from record, forgotten in history after some global disaster or another.

The darkness was so complete that Imperial commanders, Space Marine chapters, and even the forces of darkness knew that any space travel through the Warp, no matter how limited, meant almost certain death.

Now the light of the Emperor shines. The Gaze of the Imperium falls on Giddeon Prime, to form a beach head for their cleansing of the system.

Following in the wake of the Tyranid assault the Imperium returns to Giddeon Prime to rebuild and colonize. But they are not alone, leaders emerged who will either help to unite and await the end of the darkness or simply consolidate their forces to prevent the few systems they controlled from falling into anarchy or worse.
Former allies were considered foes as motives were questioned. Man fought against man, battle-brother against battle brother, and the forces of Chaos and aliens fought them all. These forces each had their own agenda, their own purposes, and their own methods to establish control.

I wish I can claim the full intro but I was modified from a campaign run by Berks Warhammer Club.

As part of the campaign each player is to supply a short Bio on their forces commander and lieutenants. Due to the "friendly" nature the campaign is scheduled to run until September. Should be fun!!

So far the confirmed players are:
Dark Eldar
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Deamons
Imperial Guard
Black Templar
possible Crimson Fist/Space Wolf Alliance

Stand by for Player intro's when bios are received.

New year....a new something

So I have decided to expand my blog. Not to sure the direction I will be taking but will mostly be an outlet for whatever rambling comes across my mind.

I have also joined "The Power Armour All Comers Open Challenge" hosted my Millest. You can follow my progress at his blog.
Millest's Mediocre Meanderings