Retrun to Goddeon Prime - Turn#4 the new Spring

Apologies for the late update. Surfing the wave of a slight funk, so doing anything has become trying.


The air misted as the hatch closed, the engines kicking up dust as they throttled up. Autarch Adzimehend surveyed the landing area as the Exarches flexed with unease. Soon the fires of war would be fanned and they would test their skills.

Col Shastri lashed out his bottle of amnesic shattering against they side of the chimera. Treachery, betrayal his mind raced as the scouts reported the movement of the his Black Templar allies. The forward outpost was his not their, but how could he urge with suck zealots. Voxxing his men he warned them to retreat and allow Templars the outpost. They had other things to be worry about the Dark Eldar and Necron were slowly advancing and claiming ground.

Turn#4 - The Spring Dawns

The Spring started off with betrayal and weakened alliances. IG fought off a Dark Eldar probe, whilst their Black Templar 'allies' claimed a piece of their territory. The combined fronts were too much and the Necron and IG forces traded tiles. The Necrons and IG swapping manufactoriums.

In the north the Tau fought bravely as the forces of CSM and Daemons laid siege to one of their spaceports. A very interesting battle was fought and it looked close until a CSM demon prince ran the Tau gun line to the ground. The Tau forces consented and retreated leaving spaceport in CSM hands. The Daemon forced the retreating Tau further north and did not allow them to fall back into their territory.

The Eldar attempted to claim the last tile deep the BT territory. The sneak attack was successful with a "11" being rolled.
Turn#4 - Final Results


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