Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#3 and End of the Winter Season

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Turn#3 - The Betrayal
This was an interesting turn. Daemons were pushed into a corner as a Tau and BT expended their borders. Eldar fought off a BT assault as their Kin struggled with IG. The Necrons shored up their territories. Not being present the Daemons and Chaos SM were victim to the random result table, causing the Daemons to lose two (2) territories to the Tau.
Turn#3 - Movement

Turn#3 - Final

Winter Scenario
The cold winds blow across the plains. A ripple is felt in the warp as a figure emerges. Stumbling blindly in the snow he moves forward. His head spinning as his lurches from place to place. What secrets does he have knowledge of, what is his purpose? Feeling this disturbance the forces laying siege to Giddeon Prime converge on the location each intent on capturing the wandering soul.

Description: A single objectives was placed in the centre of the table. This objective would randomly move each players' movement phase 2D6 scatter unless claimed by an infantry model. The claim the objective it needed to be base to base with the infantry model. Whilst claimed it would attempt to escape its captures, and ion a roll of '6' would scatter again as its essence was moved via the warp.

Objective Stats: T4 Sv3++ W1 *any unit that destroyed the objective would be removed from play as the shadows claimed the attacker. The lone warrior would return the next movement phase.

Forces: Each player was given 1250pts to allocate to their force.

Deployment: Due to the urgent nature and the instability generated players could not deploy within 24" of the lone warrior. No other limitation were given. This was to represent armies rushing to the area and converging.
Winter Scenario Narrative:
Castellan Gallahad looked forward as the Chaos Marines advanced, his temper barely held in check as his man shouldered their weapons and recited battle hymns. The air was filled with screams of the dying as the Imperial forces fought a desperate battle to secure the Lone Warrior. He spared a look toward his Longtail allies, as saw their battle line was a ruin. Dead littered the slopes as daemons gorged themselves on the numerous corpses.
Moulderfondle Gnashwhine grinned a drop of slime falling tot he ground at his feet. Though he had not claimed the Lone Warrior as a plaything, his forces had relished in the carnage wrought on the IG. The remaining forces flickered back into the immaterium as Gorighsfy held of metal men at bay.

*No one managed to claim the "Lone Warrior" The chaotic seven player battle proved to be the only victor. Fun was had (?) by all involved and many new blood feuds were created for the next season. After slaughtering the IG, the Daemon's found the battle amusing and made a new enemy. The Black Templars and Chaos can not wait to finish their duel that was started.
All in all it was an interesting scenarios and might be used again, though not with more then 4 players.

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