Return to Vogen - Turn 1

Explosions ripped through the silence of the night, awakening to scream the citizen of Vogen hide under their beds as thier homes were once again under attack.Each army driving into Vogen, citizens running in terror as the armies claimed territory.  Hearing the population screams the Imperial Guard reinforced the Railway-lines to help with the securing escape routes out of the city. 

Return to Vogen - Introductory Campaign

In the past few months the gaming club has doubled in size.

I thought the best way to introduce new players (and old) to the new rules would be a campaign. So, after some pondering a Team Campaign was formed.  Each new players would be teamed with an experienced player as they attempt tp claim an old Imperial city.

The GW Vogen Campign was choosen as the first "Introductory" campaign. The rules are simple and easy to follow.  The teams were drawn as random and there are some intersting combination. It is a good thing it's not a fluff campaign!.

Wit the names randomly chosen the forces musters and breached the walls of the city. Most breached the various fortification around the city. As we had am (imperial Guard) Astra Militarium player he was allowed to claim the Cadian HQ.

The forces invlioced int he campaign cinsist of:
Dark Eldar + Grey Kinghts - Grey
Tyranids + crimson Fist - Red
Astra Miltarium + Daemons - Orange
Tau + Necron - Purple
Dark Angels + Night Lords - Green
Black templars +Chaos Space  Marine - Blue (Light Blue)
Eldar + Space Marines + Necron - Yellow

It was a goof thing this is a friendly non-fluff campaign :) so many heretical alliances.

Stay tune for weekly updates!

Sibling Rivalry - Eldar/DarkEldar Battle

Sorry for the late post on this game.  The game was held two weeks ago between myself and the Dark Eldar player.  We both know it was going to be a brutal game and did not pull any punches.  We decided on 3000 Combined Arms with multiple detachments and no allies.  I went fo ra themed list as I had just finished painting Karandras and "had" to field him.

In the end Eldar won, by using a two new units (Vyphers and Swooping Hawks)

Eldar List
Detachment #1
4x Warlocks
6x harlequins (DJ, SS, 2 fusion pistols)
10 Guardians w/Scatter laser (warlock was attached)
9 Rangers
2x Vyphers (SC/SC)
2x War Walkers (SL/EML)
Wraithlord (BL/EML)
5 x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Biting Blade)
5 x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Claw)
10 x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Chainsabres)
5x Dire Avengers (Exarch w/PW/SS) – Wave Serpeant (SL)
5x Dire Avengers (Exarch w/twAC) – Wave Serpeant SC)
6x Swooping hawks (Exarch w/Sunrifle)
4x Dark Reapers (Exarch w/EML-flak)
Night Spinner

Turn 1
Dark Eldar seize the Initiative and ‘steal’ first turn.  The War Walker scout ahead and move into cover of the ruined administration building to support the rangers. Advancing along the flank the DE open un on the Harlequins in the alien foliage killing 3 and stun the Night spinner. 

Eldar retaliate and destroy one Ravagers and stun a venom. Vypher and Dark reapers open on the DE bikers killing all but 1 (who refuses to break and flee). Harlequins advance forward. Eldar psychic phase is effective in getting off a few buffs.

Turn 2
Dark Eldar have a very effective reserve roll with all units showing up.  One Raider attempts to deep strike in the back field but mishaps (due to skimmer’s shape) and is out into on-going reserves. DE fire on Guardians and manage to kill 2, as the hunker down in the ‘alien foliage’.  Falcon is stunned but does not crash and burn.

Eldar reserves arrive. Hawk deep strike into DE back filed, Scorpions appear on left flank and Eldar battle line, Autarch runs to support Guardians line.  Vyphers and WS move around the admin building and destroy bikes on the way.  Walkers shot and only mange to stun the Void bomber. Eldar shooting sees one more Ravager destroyed, 1 venom and Archon’s raider destroyed. Guardians worry about pending Archon assault.

Turn 3
Dark Eldar raider deep strikes in back field and fires on rear armour of the Falcon doing nothing. Void Raven leaves the battlefield on a bombing run killing 2 scorpions as it leaves air space. Archon and Grotesque guard open on the Guardians but fail their charge by 0.5” (rolled a 3, and rerolled another 3 in difficult terrain; the new -2” is oddly powerful) DE beastpack and warriors surround the Swooping Hawks in the backfield ruins and dwindle the number to 3.  Scorpions take heavy causalities to all squads and all manage to hold.   Wyches fail to assault Scorpions due to terrain. 

Eldar shoot at backfield raider, and sadly released its Incubi =( last Ravager is wrecked and one lone venom survives Eldar shooting. Karandras moves to assault Archon as other Scorpions assault anything in reach.  With no challenge Karandras and the Archon trade blows, the Autarch failing to reach the combat to provide support. The resulting combat sees the Archon die to and Karandras takes 2 wounds.  Scorpions kill True born and other squad is killed by Wyches. Lone scorpion was over number 4-1 lol. Dark reapers open on the Incubi and reduce their number as the Warlocks charge in. 1 warlock survives to stall the Incubi but runs in fear! The rest butchered by the Klaivex.

Turn 4 At this point the game is called, but we play on to see “what if”...
DE shooting was ineffective. Void Bomber arrived back on board and after shooting full payload at ‘rear’ armour of the Falcon manages to only stun it. (both of us laugh) Incubi fail their 3” charge.  We both laugh and pack up our armies. 

Overall it was a fun game. Eldar seem abit overpowered and have TOO much shooting.  Was not trying to build a shootie list but somehow ended up with a crap-load of shooting. Guardians are not bad, once buffed up they become hard to shift, even more than rangers.  The Serpeant Shield can be overly abused, if the tank isn't getting shoot at, you turn it into an offensive gun boat. I think I will add in my own house rule of a 1 turn charge period.  I will be trying this infiltrator heavy list again. The addition of the Vyphers took my opponent by surprise he was not prepared for the torrent of firepower they could dish up and their mobility.  Though I would trade my Vyphers for his Venoms if I could. Swooping Hawks are very good now, almost TOO good the new Herald of Victory rule makes them a very accurate deniel unit. The amount of shoots they can unload for their cost is good, Eldar version of the Land Speeder (though allot more fragile with AV10 open topped)

I can see why Eldar don't have an assault vehicle, between the shooting specialist and CC specialist it would not be fair to most opponents. And I need more Scorpions

Random Ramble on Terrain - bunkers on the cheap

Been an interesting couple of weeks.  The "gaming" bug has bitten hard, as has the modelling bug.

Looking around I noticed I had some cardboard holders that were itching to be made into some gaming terrain.  Since my gaming group has all broken our 7th edition cherries, we need new terrain to 'shake' things up.  

The shapes were good for bunkers or some building structure. After a few months of thinking I settled on bunkers.  Going through the bitz box(es) I scavenged a few items and settled in to work. 

Roughly 6 hours I was were done and still had the weekend left to spare.  Whilst not 100% satisfied, I think they will make a nice addition to our growing terrain collection.

Front View
Rear View - Bunker Doors
 Not bad for "free" terrain that cost nothing but some time.  Attempted to make each bunker unique.

Items used:

  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Cat litter
  • Plasti-card
  • Foam-core Board - the black kinda (its is sturdier than the white btw)
  • Spare Bitz

Terrain for the Gaming gods!

First 7th Edition Game

Finally got my first game in the 7th edition!  Was a game against my old padawon and his Necrons.  Eldar vs Necrons old nemesis prepare to settle and age old debt.

Maelstrom Cloak and Dagger,  Each player draws three (3) TOs and keep them secret from opponent.  Once a TO is achieved the player draws until they hold.  VP total tallied at the end of the game.

My Army List:
5 Striking Scorpions w/Exarch (chainsabers)
5 Striking Scorpions w/Exarch (Biting Blade)
10 Dire Avengers w/ Exarch
-WS w/BL
5 Dire Avegers w/Exarch
-WS w/SL
5 Rangers
1 Crimson Hunter
5 Dark Reapers w/Exarch (Missile launcher)
3 War Walkers (SL/BL, SL/SC/SL/EML)
Fire Prism

Necrom List:
Necron Lord
5 Lychgaurd (HB/Shild)
3 Cantopek Wraiths
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
DoomsDay Ark
Annihilation Barge 
C-tan Shard

Psychic Powers:
Mind War

1st game on the new edition!  Physic force against none psychic opponent, should be interesting No bonus to Deny-The-Witch but has the chance.  Necrons will be a tough, nut to crack very durable troops and firepower.

Deployment Necron - Necrons warriors drop hold two objectives (#1 & #4) with Ark on the left, scarabs on right flank.  Lord and Lychguard hold the rear.  Monolith, C’tan and Wraiths held in reserve.
Deployment Eldar - Farseer rides in WS with 5man DA squad.  WS with 10 DA deploy near obj#5. FP deployed on left and WW deployed on right flank.  Scorpions deploy on the blind side of the bastion (obj#3), rangers infiltrate on objective #2Crimson Hunter, Scorpions (CS) held in reserve.

Turn 1
Necrons advance. Ark shoots at FP, FP doesn’t Jink but shot goes wide and doesn’t cause damage.  Scarabs advance up their flank toward obj#6. 

Eldar forces spread out. Farseer and DA debus to secure flank against scarabs.  Farseer cast Doom on the scarabs, Fortunes his squad.  Guide is denied on the FP.  FP shoots and fails to damage the Ark. WW open up and kill the scarabs and stay in the open (forgot about Battle Focus).  DR attempt to shoot the DA but don’t penetrate its shields (forgot they had Night Vision)

Turn 2
Monolith arrives from reserves and deep strikes into the Eldar backfield, but mishaps and redeployed placed to the Necron backfield.  C’tan arrives and reinforces the warriors holding obj#1.   Wraiths phase into existence in front of the DR.  Cryptex opens a portal and appears in the Eldar backfield, Lord and Lychguard reappear with Cryptex. DA shoots the middle ‘dilapidated’ bastion and causes a catastrophic breach, 4 Scorpions survive and pass pinning check.  AB unloads on the WW destroying 2, WW with BL survives.

Crimson Hunter arrives from reserves and zooms to get a clear shot the DA, whilst scorpions appear in the ruins by obj#4.  Eldar backfield moves to engage the Necron Lord and bodyguard. FP moves to get a clear shot on the DA. Scorpions hunker in ruined bastion.  Psyhcic phase sees the Necron Lord Doomed, DA guided and fortuned for the pending assault. Combined fire kills the Necron Lord but he revives.  DR put kill one Wraith. Rangers fail to do anything.  WS (SL) wrecked the AB.  Crimson hunter removes one hull point the DA as Scorpions assault from the ruined bastion.  Scorpions destroy the DA and hunker down in the alien ruins.

Turn 3
Monolith and Warriors  shoot at Scorpions near obj#4 failing killing all but the Exarch.  Necron lord and Cryptex attempt to scare the Farseer but the unit holds.  Cryptex attempts to terrify the DA but they pass their leadership check and hold obj#5.  Warriors move forward to counter the Scorpions and Crimson Hunter.  Wraiths assault the Dark Reapers, killing one 2 and suffering one wound.  Necron lord is killed by Overwatch fire before he can assault, but gets back up.

Scorpions move toward obj#1 and lone exarch moves to assault obj#6.  Psychcic phase sees Lord’s mental processes interrupted by the Farseer (Mind War).  Eldar backfield unloads on Necron Lord and Cryptex killing them again, only the Lord gets back up!  FP moves and fires at the Monolith doing nothing.  Scorpion Exarch assaults and slays the warriors on obj#4 and falls back to claim it.  DR fail to wound the Wraiths losing one of their own.

Turn 4
Necron warriors secure obj#1 and move to counter the Exarch on obj#4.  Monolith moves to get a clear shot on FP.  Lord moves to assault the lone WW.  Monolith shoots the Scorpions failing to wound any.   Necron Lord assaults the WW and is taken down by overwatch fire! DR are killed by the Wraiths and move toward the FP.  Warriors and C’tan shoot at Crimson hunter stripping off one Hull point.

Eldar WS (SL) move to grab obj#6. Ranger sit on obj#2. Crimson hunter forgets to move (so was hovering).  Lone Exarch moves to assault Warriors on obj#1 but is killed by Overwatch fire.  Scorpions assault the monolith, doing nothing.  Farseer Dooms the Wraiths and Guides DA on obj#5.  Necron Lord is finally laid to rest, but gets back up AGAIN.  The Wraiths are killed before they could do anymore damage.

Turn 5
C’tan and Warriors hold obj#1 as Monolith shoots the FP, rangers and Crimosn Hunter.  Necron Lord moves to assault the DA w/Farseer and is killed by Overwatch fire.  Lord does not revive!
Eldar move to secure obj#1 and obj#4.  Farseers cast Guide on FP and it finally destroys the monolith.  Crimson hunter shoots Warriors on obj#1 removing the Necron hold.  Scorpion Exarch assaults the C’tan, fails to wound and is butchered by the return combat.

Turn 6
C’tan moves to shoot the Crimson hunter but misses. Eldar focus fire and bring down the C’tan. 

Necron - 9 VP / Eldar - 13 VP

Post Game Thoughts

Whoa! A very fun and challenging game.  Cloak and Dagger is an interesting twist on Maelstrom.  A very secretive mission should be fun due to the unknown factor as opponent starts to do random things and makes allot of "what are they doing" moments.

Eldar seem to have not changed much in the new edition, Jink+Holofields = Happy days 3+ cover saves for most vehicles is almost too good. The Psychic phases is different, but balanced.  I found myself using 3-4 dive for most WP1 powers, and almost suffered Perils-of-the-Warp each time.  I actually got off less then in the 6th with failing the WP generation rolls even on 3 dice.  First game incorporating a few MSU units and still need to get the feel for them.  Not as durable, so was making allot of leadership checks.

Rules we Got Wrong

  1. DA had 4 Hull Points not 3 (did not have FAQ near); 
  2. Slow to declare Jink before opponent rolled to hit; 

At the tables this weekend

Pulled out the VC for a “fluff” battle against my usual opponent, and suffered a loss BUT had a funny game.  

As per norm, we broke probability with a few impossible events happening. 

But first the story, recap….(sorry for the length, but loves we fluff some we do)

Death of Lord de’Rose/Birth of de’Rose

Manzazuu the Green laughed coldly as the dusk settled and the final Bretonnia knight disappeared over the horizon.  The battle had lasted the whole day, the screams of dying horses and wet slurping sounds of feasting Crypt Horrors saturated the air.  Surveying the remains of the battle his mind drifted back to the events of the day.

Lord Monte de’Rose’s force had arrived over the horizon as dawn broke. His lances fluttering in the air, as his knights and men prepared to cleanse the lands of the necromancer stain. Manzazuu summoned a bat requesting assistance from his ‘master, as he prepared to sell his life to secure this passage of the relic. Summoning is coven, they sacrificed the few remaining acolytes, their dying blood mixing to strengthen a binding ritual as the dead rose to obey the necromancer’s will. The energies summoning the undead were starting to dissipate as the first arrows and rocks began to fall. Manzazuu focused his will holding the zombie together would take all his focus. With a deafening screech vargheists plummeted from the skies, slamming into the Bretonnia archers.

Manzazuu smiled as he gathered the Winds of Magic, the spell held in his mind as he focused to strengthen his army. His smile turned to a grimace of pain as a light shone in the distance. He screamed as the Bretonnian Lady turned the Wind of Magic against him, ravaging his mind and disrupting the focus of his spell. As the spell resolved, Manzazuu stumbled his strength sapped the eldritch energies leaking from his eyes and ears as he soundlessly screamed. The Bretonnian vanguard hit Manzazuu just as he was recovering the zombie dying in droves as the Bretoonia Battle Standard Bearer fought through to reach Manzuzuu. Retreating to the read Manzazuu directed his coven to press the attack. Attempting to cast another spell, Manzazuu watched the Winds of Magic falter and escape his grasp the dark energies not obeying his command. Feeling the pull on the Winds as the Bretonnia Ladies attempted to focus their spells, he noticed they were having the same problem. Unable to bring magic to bear, this battle would now be resolved by might of arm.

As the Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer approached, A Wight King, The Nameless Blade, challenged the BSB. The Nameless Blade has appeared leading a Grave Guard unit to harass the Knight. The BSB and the Nameless blade attacked each other with vigour, their blades a blur as they parried attack after attack. With a scream of triumph, the BSB sword parted the torso of the Wight, his triumph was short lived as he coughed blood a sword sticking through his gut. As he slumped over dead, his charger reared and fled the battlefield.

Lord Monte de’Rose’s knight charged Manzazuu as some skeletons intercepted the charge. A Lord de’Rose fought an image hovered in the air. An ethereal wreathed face looked down on him and shaking her head turned away. Fighting with vigour de’Rose and is knights, were thrown from their chargers as the skeletons pressed the attack. Looking up Manzazuu saw the Ladies turn and ride from the battle, the remaining knights and remnants of De’Rose’s forces in tow. “What had just happened? Had the Lady betrayed this knight? Or had she decided he was unworthy?”

Monte de’Rose fought the skeletons as a shadow fell over the battlefield. A piercing screech, knocked him to his knees as a dark armoured figure dropped from the sky in front of him. Raising his head he stared at the red armoured figure as the skeletons parted, a circle forming around the two. “Lord de’Rose it appears you have soiled your family name and the Lady has left you to your demise. No why would this be? Could it be the darkness in your heart? Could it be your quest for power and revenge has corrupted your soul?” the face of Lord Delacroix twisted with a smile as he spoke. Nearing rage Lord de’Rose attacked the Vampire Lord, his blows being parried by the figure casual flicks of his wrists. “You vile beast, I will slay you or die trying!” Lord de’Rose screamed as he attacked the Vampire Lord. “Your words are empty, Lord DeRose” Delacroix responded, “You will destroy me? Like the Chaos horde? Like the Lizardman?! You have failed and squandered your people’s lives. And for what? You own vanity? You do not deserve to be a knight.” Shaken by the word Lord de’Rose stumbled and dropped his sword, at once the Vampire Lord was on him his throat held in his hands. “Don’t worry you wont suffer you long.” Lord de’Rose quivered as the fangs pierced his neck, his life blood flowing from him. “NO! I wish to live!” he screamed as darkness closed around him.

Lord Delacroix laughed as he tossed the body to the ground. Perching on a rock he watched the corpse to see what would happen. As the corpse being to move, he watched intently, as the blood kiss worked its magic. The newly awaken Lord de’Rose opened his eyes and cruel smile on his lips as the power flowed through him. Laughing he cackled “Ahh, yes the power! This I have craved, all shall feel my wrath.” As he danced in the moonlight, Delacroix shook his head and started to walk away, “You are a failure! Enjoy this time as your mind in now forfeit.” Baring his fangs de’Rose launched himself at Delacroix but was battered away. As he tumbled his body warped, his muscles expanding and shredding his armour, his fangs grew to the length of daggers. Landed on all fours he howled to the moon as the final changes where complete. His mind now lost Lord de’Rose smashed his way through the remaining skeletons and escaped into the surrounding forest.

Lord Laude crumpled the scroll to the ground as he read the blood stained report. The missive, from Lord Delacroix, was confusing to say the least. Lord Delacroix was known for his flee
ting insanity and noble gestures.  Why did he write to let him know that Lord de’Rose ‘lived’ and could be found haunting the Bloody Forest? Why would he want one of his creations destroyed?

Epilogue - A hooded figure wonders deep into the Bloody Forest looking for a lost soul....An ominous shadow darts in and out of the tree tops above. The hooded figure stops....then uncovers her hood revealing a beautiful damsel. Suddenly, a monstrous creature smashes in front of her and lets out a blood curdling roar....

A whisper..."My Lord....."...the creature stops and looks at the damsel....a calm in its eyes as it stares at her. The damsel reaches for the creatures face...."My Lord de'Rose...." she whispers as she moves her hand to caress the creature's face.....
The the creature suddenly snaps at her...forcing her to step back...."My Lord Stop!" She screams....she quickly cast a spell and pushes the creature back into one of the trees.....stunned the creature looks at her and screams and disappears into the darkness of the forest....

"My Lord...I will avenge you...." she whimpers as she holds her hand against her bossom...."I....Lady Lily....will make sure of it"...

Hmm, this is along post. Battle Report to follow in a separate post....

On the tables...

Warhammer Fantasy Battles was played Sunday gone.  Necron were due to battle Dark Eldar but DE could not play. 

A long buried Tomb Kings army emerged and ambushed the Dwarfs on their way to The Badlands to head off a Lizardman scouting force.  The Empire also stumbled upon a previously unknown Orge Tribe.

Tomb Kings vs Dwarfs - @2500 Battleline 

As the Lizardman players was late, the Dwarfs fought Tomb Kings. This games was very interesting a veteran (with a new codex) facing a new player.  Both players had some new tricks and a few rule discussions.  The Tomb Kings held off the Dwarven advance!! The TK win was unexpected by all, even the TK player.  The final VPs were +150 in favour of the TK.  

Empire vs Ogres - @1500 Meeting Engagement

A very weird game.  Both armies had 50% of their forces pushed into reserves by the scenario special rules.  Effectively ruing both battle plans.  The Empire Griffon knights devastated the Ogre Firebelly and Bull guard after the Firebelly wreaked havoc with Flame Storm, effectively destroying a 50 man block of swordsman single-handedly.  By the time the Empire reserves hit the table, both armies were down to a few units and it became a game of cat-n-mouse.  Once the Death Wizard miscast and lost 3 spells and was reduced to level 1, the Ogres grabbed the upper hand and chased the Empire Arch Lecture and knights off the table.  Was a fun game overall, Ogres were up after turn 2, but Empire bought it back around by turn 3. After that the dice were fickle for both sides.


I do have a few pictures that I will post in time.