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The meaning of victory is not the defeat of your enemy but his utter destruction, to eradicate him from living memory, leaving no remnant of his endeavours, crushing utterly his every achievement and removing from all record his every trace of existence. From that defeat no enemy can ever recover. That is the true meaning of victory.  -- Tactica Imperium --

  The smoke started to clear as a light rain began to fall. Turning to his "allies" Drago gave a warriors salute as he hoped back onto his raider and disappeared. The Tau and Black Templars had served as good distraction and suited his purpose. Such zealots, the Black Templars fired shoots at Drago's retreating force. The battle over the temporary truce was about to come to a blood end.

The Spring Scenario was a bloody affair. Due to thier campaign positions Chaos and Dark Eldar each were chosen to lead an alliance into the field of battle. The cowardly Eldar decided to sit this battle out and the Daemon arrived as the first dice fell. I will try to replay the battle, but was not taking decent enough notes to produce a battle report. The alliances consisted of Chaos, IG (Traitor Gaurd?) and Necrons going against Dark Eldar, Tau and Black Templars. The two alliance leaders set up the field and went abit over board on terrain, but it made an interesting field.
The Dark Eldar alliance won the roll off and gave first turn to Chaos. Deployments are in the picture above. Chaos, Necron, IG found a solid wall of troops and heavy armour, whilst BT, Tau, Dark Eldar held the majority of their force in reserve. Night Fighting was to be in effect until a +4 was rolled.

Turn 1: The Chaos Alliance (CA) move forward, with shoots going wild and missing their marks. Necrons advanced and dropped a drone. Tau moved into a better potion but failed to hit anything, the Fire Warriors dropping a Destroyer with pulse fire.

Turn 2: Night fight remained in play. The DA line broke losing a Hammerhead, Devilfish, Predator, Fire warriors in a combined assault. Scarabs are gross. In return the rest of the DE army arrived and supported the Tau pulling down a DP and one scarab swarm. Talos + scarabs = dead scarabs...

Turn 3: With authority the monolith arrived and slapped the DE around. IG finally in position fired some shots but only wrecked a Devilfish. The second Hammerhead was eaten by the other scarabs as the CSM Havocs tried to hoot the ravagers. DE, Tau, BT assaulted and shot everything in range. The Talos opening the monolith (with some lucky rolling) Oh, the BT vindicator finally did some real damage, killing one sentinel. BT pod dropped to contest a Necron objective.

Turn 4: To be honest alot happened in this turn. The details are abit fuzzy (pre game port FTW) Commissar got bogged down in a prolonged assault falling to the wyches. The Archon charged the Necron line, providing a good duel with the Necron lord, who got back up (Everliving). IG fell back to support their objective, beating a suit in CC, with sentinel support. The podded BT, were no match for the lychgaurd and were cut down tot he men by a counter assault.

Turn 5: The game ended after the top of Turn 5. Tau and Necron had to leave but the games was mostly over by that point. The Archon and Necron duel ended with the Archon winning. A last ditch Chaos attempt contested the Commissars body

The final tally was:
Chaos Alliance - 3 objectives, 1 contested, 1 HQ marker contested
Dark Eldar Alliance - 2 objectives, 2 HQ markers, 1 HQ marker contested, 1 objective contested

A "6" was rolled so Kill Points decided the overall winner and *drum roll* the final overall winner by 1 KP was CSM-7, DE-7, Necron-5, Tau-1, BT-3, IG-2
All the players liked the scenario and I got grief for not playing in it. The Spring of Giddeon has wrapped up and the war-gear cards have been distributed. Players can look forward to more war=gear being awarded for winning their "Special" missions.

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