Giddeon Prime - The forces muster....

The final battles dates and teams have been chosen. Due tot he scale of the battle it will be taking place over the period of two days late August. That gives us two months to get the 6th edition rules down abit better.

Amusing the team have fallen along cliche battle lines of Order versus Destruction. One would thin it was planned but no it just happened.

Forces of Order-vs-Forces of Destruction
Black TemplarsChaos SM
EldarDark Eldar
Imperial GuardDaemons

Now onto he story.......


The room echoed with the drumming of Mephiston’s clawed fingers on the table. Around the table before him were the lesser beings, but he would need them in the upcoming battle. A mock-up of the forces was projected on the display, the images taking a red hue reflected from the pool of blood below. Looking around the table he took stock on his “allies” for the upcoming battle.

To his right was Archon Drago Preato, leader og the Rilyn Vuz-Stra  Cabal. Cloaked in flickering shadows him lithe frame hid a seething killing grace, and unsettling unblinking eyes. Malice seemed to leak and bleed the air around him. Even now Drago caressed his blade laid on the table before him, like a mother to her child. Khronus hoped he could contain his rage long enough to finish this brief.

Like a statue Amenophis Phaeron of the Sautekh Dynasty stood, refusing to sit. Like a statue he was draped in silken, which trailed behind as he walked. The ‘staff’ on the table gleaned in the dim light, its blade unusually sharp. The glow of Amenophis' eyes, contrasted the gloom.

Helmgore Grosstremble sipped deeply from his goblet, letting the liquid run out the corners of his mouths. Cackling in laughter, it changed to another form to catch the drops before they fell to the ground. Its shimmering form was unsettling, but Khronus knew its masters blessed him with its presence.

Banging his hand on the table, Mephiston took a breath as his allies took stock of him. 

“When this war began, we turned on each other. Like animals we fought or whatever scarps we could claim. Now look at us, betrayed by the very bonds that hold us together.

This planet is our, we only need to reach out at take it. Our forces wait to bathe in the blood of the enemy. Who are we to deny them the small pleasures in life? Against us our enemies have allied with the children of the weak Imperial corpse.

That whih serves its struggle for life must now be extinguished. What harms its struggling life is bad and must be eliminated and cut out. With burning hearts and cool heads we will overcome the paltry forces set against us at this phase of the war. We are on the way to final victory.

The great crises and upsets of battle show who the true men are. We have no right any longer to allow this blight of weakness to display its determination and spiritual impurity. We are ready for anything. Chaos has commanded, and we will follow. In this hour of reflection and contemplation, believe firmly and unshakably in victory. We see it before us, we need only reach for it. We must resolve to subordinate everything to it. That is the duty of the hour.

Now rise up and let the storm break loose!”
We have recent received an Apocalypse book and the point limit had been removed to allow a more 'epic' battle.  Lord Mephisotn has taken the lead and is coordinating the battle and keeping players informed of the changes and what-they-need-to-know.

This will be out first Apoc game and hopefully not our last.

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  1. Marshal Ironheart’s Transmission to Marshal Laude:

    “It seems like yesterday me and my battle brothers came to this planet to claim it for the glory of the Emperor. Much blood was shed….by our victories and defeats…now it seems that it will all be coming to an apex. I have received reports from our spies that the forces of chaos are gathering….and much more blood will be shed.

    I have made a truce with the Eldar….as much as I don’t like it….our battles with each other for land was fierce and I know they would make a formidable foe against chaos forces. I have also allied myself with the Tau that was in the North…..they never once advance into our territories and would know that they would allied with me to fight chaos for the “greater good”….

    The Imperial Guard faction that was deployed here had a few problems….the main one is them being easily tainted by chaos….some of the forces went against us….but the Commissar swiftly executed the heretics.

    Chaplain Adulfus is getting the men ready….and Galahad is anxiously waiting for battle…all the pieces are in place….much blood will be shed….let the screams of our enemies and the sounds of battle the prayer to our Emperor….No Pity….No Fear….No Remorse….

    For the Glory of the Emperor!”