Wednesday Ramdomness and Painting Charts

 Stumbling through my blog list, I came across the post that seemed to come from my mind.  The post was on finding a balance between playing and playing the image below sums up the post.

As I read through the comments I can across a mention of a painting chart.  This is not something new, BUT i finally took the time to create one myself.  I followed a link to Admiral Drax's blog and took it from there.

The hour spent creating my initial template was worth it. I can now see how far I have come and how much work I need to complete for my Eldar army. I look forward to creating the Space Marine, C SM and Vampire Counts charts.

Eldar Painting Chart
As you can see, I have made allot of headway in very little time, but still have a way to go. I look forward to my Eldar getting completed.

I wish to thank Admiral Drax for inspiring me to get this done.

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