Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#5

Amenophis's grin spread like aplague amonndt his troops. He did not remember why this seemed pleasant but it always caused his enemies to cover in fear. He extended his metallic hand and crushed the skull of the nearby human. Flicking the tattered uniform of blue and orange away his strode away. The prayers of the nearby men of the Longtail reached his ears, he spun around is anger but only smiled. Let them pray to their corpse 'god', the pitiful creatures needed what comfort they could muster, it made breaking them more fun.

Twirling the goblet in his fingers, Archon Dragao smiled and sipped the fresh vintage. The blood of the mon'keighs had been spilled in his name. He started as the mandrake appears and whispered its messages, its voice piercing the shadows in a whisper. "Our Kin emerge victories against the Black Knights. The Black armored ones regroup and prepare another assault. They harbour the remains of the Guard" Its message complete hie dismissed it with a flick of his wrist. Fading into the gloom, it it spoke "We grow impatient, of the feast on our kin. You have been warned, we will not wait longer" Roaring to his feet he slashed at the mandrake as it faded into the air. Spilling his 'wine' he slumped back into his chair, the air chilling with his mood.

Turn#5 - Start & Movement

It appears the gloves were off as all player made advances and the map became a bloody mess. The IG had a desperate battle as they fended off the Dark Eldar and Necron to hold their last tiles. The Black Templars and Eldar feud continued (the Black templars challenged earlier in the week) Chaos (both CSM and Daemons) attempted to press the weakened Tau into a corner.


Turn#5 - Final

When the dust settled. Teh Eldar had claimed another tile and the Daemons had regained a foothold on Giddeon Prime. Sadly the IG had been pushed into their allies territory. The Necron player breathed a sigh of relief as he and the IG had been going at every weekend.

Rule FAQ:
Defeated Armies (Removed): can return the next turn, but can not move, build or defend. This is to represent the forces regrouping.


Return to Giddeon Prime

Player Race Flag Colours
T1 T2 T3
Paul Eldar White
9 10
Richard Imperial guard Blue/Red
2 0
Tyler Tau Green
7 7
Thomas Necrons Yellow
5 6
Romar Chaos Deamons Black
2 3
Joshua Chaos SM Red/Red
9 8
Aaron Dark Eldar Black/White
8 9
Harold Black Templars Blue
8 7

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  1. I may not have any territory but you have seen the last of the guard. I will lauf as you turn on each other those that allied against me and then strike.