Suffer not the heretic to live!

For the past couple of months I have been suffering the gamers equivalent of ‘writer’s block. Let us call it what I really is, I have become BORED and restless when it comes to gaming. This has not only been tabletop gaming, but also board games, cards, PS3 and PC games. This has causes mental crash and build-up on my project table and life in general.

Oddly, thanks to this blogging I have been slowly chipping away at the block and getting things done.

This weekend I attempted to tackle the “Painting block.” I was commissioned (free) to paint a Tyberos “The Red Wake” for a fellow gamer friend, Thomas. To give some history he gave me the model near the end of January, and three (3) months later, I had yet to put on more than a very sloppy and uneven base coat.

As I settled down to paint, I slowly started to unravel the painting block. Many SMS and emails were sent to a few friends to help me overcome this hurdle. One of them gave me the best advice “Suck it up and get ‘er did! Just plow through the model and get it done.” Some rather blunt advice, but I did try.

As I painted/fought to complete the model I started to unravel the block attached to this aspect of my life. It was an amusing rollercoaster ride. I will attempt to explain the stages and their relevant paint jobs. (Sorry I do not have any WIPs as taking pictures was far from my mind, I won’t even mention the camera was sitting right next to me)

Stage 1 - Annoyance Looking at the base coat, I loathed the model from his simple design to his stupid pose. Why did I have to paint such a stupid looking model. [Adeptous Battle Grey and Tau Ochre applied, Denab Stone on helmet]
Stage 2 – Frustration Argue to smash the model as that amount of metallic can to light there really is not that much. [Shining Gold on top of TO, Boltgun where needed]
Stage 3 – Anger Stupid highlighting, why can’t I just drybrush and call it a day. Great this will take all night. [Mithril silver on metallic, Space Wolf grey on ABG, Skull White on helmet]
Stage 4- Lethargy Can’t I just slap on a wash as call it a day? [select Badab Black and Devlan Mud washes to recesses and the many studs!]
Stage 5 - Acceptance Based and covered with minimal gore Tyberos looks at me with a steely resolve. A closer inspection shows a few rough spots that need to be cleaned up but the effect and chosen palette work.

I went from loathing the model, to admiring the finished product. How often do we give ourselves a mental block and refuse to “get’er did” The stumbling blocks will be many and we all need to be able to jump and climb over them, or just plow through. This is always easier said than done.

I am not sure if I have exorcised the painting component of my “Writers Block” but time (and the Autarchs I have to paint) will tell.

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