Return to Giddeon Prime - End of Summer Scenario

There have been sightings of Tyranids all over Gideon Prime. The armies that are stationed there know that if there is one bug, there are bound to be more... Wishing to parley the Commanders decided to meet at "stone table" to decided the fate of Giddeon Prime. A desolate piece of land stone table sits in a basin surrounded hills, the land abandoned once the mines ran dry. As the commanders debated the various sub-commanders watched from their camps wary and waiting for some sign of treachery.

Scenario: A modified multi-player Broken Alliance.

Armies: Each of the armies in the campaign will have 800pts. This will consist of the 3 HQs and their body guards. Body guards can be bought individually. (unit cost divided by # of squad, for books without individual cost) Troops are not mandatory. 

The "invading" Tyranid army player will have a total of 600pts per player

Deployment: The main leader of the army will be put in the middle of the table, with their bodyguards. They will be at least 6 inches away from each other and from the center.

Each player then places a marker terrain piece to represent their base camp. This is where the Lieutenants and their bodyguards will be stationed. No base camp will be placed with 18" of the center of the table or within 30" of another base camp. To determine the order of the base camps each player will roll a D6, highest going first and so on in descending order.

Using the same order again players deploy their army within 12" of their marker. Models must be more than 24" away from the enemy. Units may be kept in reserved, entering play in the normal way, from the point of the table edge closest to their base camp.

At the start of Turn 2 the "invading" Tyranid HQ will deep strike in the middle of the board (D6 scatter, NO mishap), the rest of the Tyranids start arriving the via Deep Striking or by table edge. Deploying in a random section of the board.  Roll a D6, and consult the chart below::

Winning Conditions: A random war gear card will be issued for each winning condition.
Primary: Domination - player army controls as many control points as possible. Player base will be worth 1, and "Stone table"worth 2.
Secondary:  Weaken thee Resolve - Kill points generated as per BRB. Bodyguard/Units are worth 1, HQs worth 2.
Bonus: Cleansed Earth - most invading units HQ(s) killed (keep a separate count)

Mission Special Rules: Deep Strike, Reserves, Standard Mission Game Length.

Confusion: The warriors of each army are not prepared for the sudden battle pr the appearance of the Tyrannd force.  All units must roll a D6 at the start of their first turn. Those who roll a 4+ can act as normal, those who don’t will wait till the second turn. They can however, fall back and fight as normal if they are assaulted by an enemy.

Shooting into close combat: During the shooting phase - a player may fire into an assault that does not include his own units - to do this, nominate the target that you are shooting. Having rolled to hit, you will need to determine which of units been hit. Roll a D6 and if it’s a 4+ will result hitting the targeted unit. If not, the other unit is hit.
Thanks to Harold for creating this scenario.  It looks to be a mighty challenge.

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