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No rulebook is created in a vacuum.If you have ever written a campaign booklet you understand the conflictual rules you sometimes create.  Thanks to all the players and your patience so far with the campaign.

Thank you to all involved as we streamline the rules.


Movement Phase:
  •   Delete - 'At all times at least one army must be kept within a players empire to defend the land, any other armies may roam freely' YES, this means you can attack with all three (3) armies, but you might leave yourself open to attack.

Declare War:
  • A commander and his/her force can only answer one (1) challenge per turn. 
  • Declare War:  If another player *non allied* has an army in your empire you must issue a challenge to them. To answer the challenge move a corresponding commander token to the same square. D6+1 movement to see if you can reach.
Resolve Victories & Defeats:
  • Delete - The Defeated player must roll on the Ignominious Defeats table. Any Commander that was removed as a casualty during the game must roll on the Character Injuries table.
  • Delete - their capitol.
Resolve Expeditions:
  • No change

Removed from PlayDefeated Armies (Removed): can return the next turn, but can not move, build or defend. This is to represent the forces regrouping.

Total Defeat: A player can be removed from the campaign by being totally defeated.  To be removed they need to lose all tiles and have the army "removed from play" result on V&Defeats table.  If they are driven back they shall go in a random (scatter die direction). They can choose to fall back into a "allies" territory or to their fleet.

Attacking with No Tiles A player can choose to make lightning strike against any territory without an army.  This is to represent the remaining forces attempting a gamble.  

Cancelled Campaign TurnsIf three (3) players are unable to make a schedule movement phase that campaign turn will be a "draw" and no armies will move nor will territories change hands.


Can I take the last two territories of 'player X' he isn't here to defend? - Short answer, No.  A player needs to fight for his last few territories, due tot he implications it would be unfair to allow this to happen via dice rule.

Can I capture a territory if no battle was fought? (lack of defending force/ player absence/ player trade) - Yes, these rolls are made the moral victory and defensive line modifiers.

Do I have to capture the tile?  - No, but why not!

How many buildings can I build? -There are a finite amount of buildings available, once they are gone no more can be built.

Feel free to submit additional questions.................

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"He who is not " hissed as the sounds echoed through the air. His heads ringing as the noise forced a scream from his tortured throat.

Playstyles - Simple

...and then the Grinch got a wonderful, *awful* idea!

I have been doing some random thinking and watching games played in the last couple of weeks at my local gaming club. Each player seems to have developed various styles of play and tactics. These tactics do not always suit the army being played but can be used as a base.

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Spring Scenario

Alliances are put to the test as the armies via for control over Giddeon Prime. Two combined forces meet on the battlefield, each ready to stake their claim on Giddeon. This battle is based around two ‘Alliances” fighting each other to decide which side wins the day.

Power Armour Challenge - Final Results

I was robbed! The competition was loaded and stacked against me! The loyalist scum will rue this day! *joking BTW*

The results have been posted and yours truly did not win. But I did place a respectable second place. I do not have a WIP of the champion as it was a slight rush job. You can find the results at Millest's Mediocre Meanderings - PA Results

I will be posting a “What I did” analysis later this week though of my entry.

The winning entry is nice piece, very simple in design and execution. I personally, like the striking contrast of the chosen colour palette.

I wish to thank Miliest’s for the exposure.

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Amenophis's grin spread like aplague amonndt his troops. He did not remember why this seemed pleasant but it always caused his enemies to cover in fear. He extended his metallic hand and crushed the skull of the nearby human. Flicking the tattered uniform of blue and orange away his strode away. The prayers of the nearby men of the Longtail reached his ears, he spun around is anger but only smiled. Let them pray to their corpse 'god', the pitiful creatures needed what comfort they could muster, it made breaking them more fun.

Twirling the goblet in his fingers, Archon Dragao smiled and sipped the fresh vintage. The blood of the mon'keighs had been spilled in his name. He started as the mandrake appears and whispered its messages, its voice piercing the shadows in a whisper. "Our Kin emerge victories against the Black Knights. The Black armored ones regroup and prepare another assault. They harbour the remains of the Guard" Its message complete hie dismissed it with a flick of his wrist. Fading into the gloom, it it spoke "We grow impatient, of the feast on our kin. You have been warned, we will not wait longer" Roaring to his feet he slashed at the mandrake as it faded into the air. Spilling his 'wine' he slumped back into his chair, the air chilling with his mood.

Turn#5 - Start & Movement

It appears the gloves were off as all player made advances and the map became a bloody mess. The IG had a desperate battle as they fended off the Dark Eldar and Necron to hold their last tiles. The Black Templars and Eldar feud continued (the Black templars challenged earlier in the week) Chaos (both CSM and Daemons) attempted to press the weakened Tau into a corner.


Turn#5 - Final

When the dust settled. Teh Eldar had claimed another tile and the Daemons had regained a foothold on Giddeon Prime. Sadly the IG had been pushed into their allies territory. The Necron player breathed a sigh of relief as he and the IG had been going at every weekend.

Rule FAQ:
Defeated Armies (Removed): can return the next turn, but can not move, build or defend. This is to represent the forces regrouping.


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Player Race Flag Colours
T1 T2 T3
Paul Eldar White
9 10
Richard Imperial guard Blue/Red
2 0
Tyler Tau Green
7 7
Thomas Necrons Yellow
5 6
Romar Chaos Deamons Black
2 3
Joshua Chaos SM Red/Red
9 8
Aaron Dark Eldar Black/White
8 9
Harold Black Templars Blue
8 7

Retrun to Goddeon Prime - Turn#4 the new Spring

Apologies for the late update. Surfing the wave of a slight funk, so doing anything has become trying.


The air misted as the hatch closed, the engines kicking up dust as they throttled up. Autarch Adzimehend surveyed the landing area as the Exarches flexed with unease. Soon the fires of war would be fanned and they would test their skills.

Col Shastri lashed out his bottle of amnesic shattering against they side of the chimera. Treachery, betrayal his mind raced as the scouts reported the movement of the his Black Templar allies. The forward outpost was his not their, but how could he urge with suck zealots. Voxxing his men he warned them to retreat and allow Templars the outpost. They had other things to be worry about the Dark Eldar and Necron were slowly advancing and claiming ground.

Turn#4 - The Spring Dawns

The Spring started off with betrayal and weakened alliances. IG fought off a Dark Eldar probe, whilst their Black Templar 'allies' claimed a piece of their territory. The combined fronts were too much and the Necron and IG forces traded tiles. The Necrons and IG swapping manufactoriums.

In the north the Tau fought bravely as the forces of CSM and Daemons laid siege to one of their spaceports. A very interesting battle was fought and it looked close until a CSM demon prince ran the Tau gun line to the ground. The Tau forces consented and retreated leaving spaceport in CSM hands. The Daemon forced the retreating Tau further north and did not allow them to fall back into their territory.

The Eldar attempted to claim the last tile deep the BT territory. The sneak attack was successful with a "11" being rolled.
Turn#4 - Final Results


WIP - Plauge Bearer

It has been awhile since I have painted something none Eldar or Space Marine related. As I have a habit of painting other models I grabbed Plague Bearer from RD to paint.

I was kind excited as this would be my first daemon. After settling on a scheme I wondered how fast I could complete the model to just above table top quality. This put a kink in my planning process which caused me to randomly surf for more pictures of the filthy buggers.

Step1: I chose a simple Chaos Black Base coat, it is a personal preference and i wanted the daemon to look dirty.

Base Coat - Chaos Black

Step 2: As green is the colour of Nurgle I selected bright green as the base skin tone. A ample overbrush was applied

First Colour - Snot Green

Step 3: A second green was used to dull the original and add a secondary sin tone. Goblin Green was overbrushed leaving the Snot Green showing in places.

Second Colour - Goblin Green

Step 4: Tired of seeing green the horns, nails and teeth were painted Denab Stone. Mecharite Red was applied to the exposed fleshy areas and Orche Shade to the 'worms'. I was not to sure how the yellow would look, but the contrast proved to work.

Base Colours - Mecharite Red, Denab Stone, Orche Shade

Step 5 -Boltgun was was applied to the sword and nose ring.

Metals - Boltgun Metal

Step 6 - the horn and worms were highlighted, bright colours were used as the model was going to get think wash to finish it off.

Highlights - Skull White, Sunburst Yellow

Step 7 - Bottled Talent was applied. I don't care what people say the washes are good.

Shading - Gryphonne Sepia

Finished(?) Product -

Over all I am pleased with how fast I was able to complete the project. 45 minutes minus the over night dry for the wash. I might apply some rust to he weapon and a generous coat of Water effects for a slimy look. This and my recent CSM are rekindling my painting and slowly chipping away at the painters' block my Eldar caused.

Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#3 and End of the Winter Season

Apologies for the delay, been abit busy getting over being sick.

Turn#3 - The Betrayal
This was an interesting turn. Daemons were pushed into a corner as a Tau and BT expended their borders. Eldar fought off a BT assault as their Kin struggled with IG. The Necrons shored up their territories. Not being present the Daemons and Chaos SM were victim to the random result table, causing the Daemons to lose two (2) territories to the Tau.
Turn#3 - Movement

Turn#3 - Final

Winter Scenario
The cold winds blow across the plains. A ripple is felt in the warp as a figure emerges. Stumbling blindly in the snow he moves forward. His head spinning as his lurches from place to place. What secrets does he have knowledge of, what is his purpose? Feeling this disturbance the forces laying siege to Giddeon Prime converge on the location each intent on capturing the wandering soul.

Description: A single objectives was placed in the centre of the table. This objective would randomly move each players' movement phase 2D6 scatter unless claimed by an infantry model. The claim the objective it needed to be base to base with the infantry model. Whilst claimed it would attempt to escape its captures, and ion a roll of '6' would scatter again as its essence was moved via the warp.

Objective Stats: T4 Sv3++ W1 *any unit that destroyed the objective would be removed from play as the shadows claimed the attacker. The lone warrior would return the next movement phase.

Forces: Each player was given 1250pts to allocate to their force.

Deployment: Due to the urgent nature and the instability generated players could not deploy within 24" of the lone warrior. No other limitation were given. This was to represent armies rushing to the area and converging.
Winter Scenario Narrative:
Castellan Gallahad looked forward as the Chaos Marines advanced, his temper barely held in check as his man shouldered their weapons and recited battle hymns. The air was filled with screams of the dying as the Imperial forces fought a desperate battle to secure the Lone Warrior. He spared a look toward his Longtail allies, as saw their battle line was a ruin. Dead littered the slopes as daemons gorged themselves on the numerous corpses.
Moulderfondle Gnashwhine grinned a drop of slime falling tot he ground at his feet. Though he had not claimed the Lone Warrior as a plaything, his forces had relished in the carnage wrought on the IG. The remaining forces flickered back into the immaterium as Gorighsfy held of metal men at bay.

*No one managed to claim the "Lone Warrior" The chaotic seven player battle proved to be the only victor. Fun was had (?) by all involved and many new blood feuds were created for the next season. After slaughtering the IG, the Daemon's found the battle amusing and made a new enemy. The Black Templars and Chaos can not wait to finish their duel that was started.
All in all it was an interesting scenarios and might be used again, though not with more then 4 players.