Campaign Update - Summer T7 and 8

I'm in your base, eating your face....
 Apologies for the long delay on the campaign update and the blog in general.  Lives threw me a fast ball, and I have been a solo parent for the past month.  My daughter has TOO much energy and has been wearing me out.

Sadly the campaign will be losing a player, as he is away due to the birth of his daughter.  Congratulation to Romar, we hope to see you again in September when you finally surface for air.  Also CJ (Nids) will be away for a month or two visiting his “wife”. 

These two absences raised an interesting dilemma.  How was I going to deal with their absences? Could players just roll over their territories? Would their armies just sit there and do nothing?  I was slightly concerned as I wished to keep the campaign going, and also not have players hampered by not being present. 

The joys of being a campaign coordinator.....

In the end I decided (and informed) the players armies their armies will become NPCs whilst they are absent.  Currently players email or SMS what they would like to do and allowances are given.  The 'NPC' armies will move and operate in a random fashion, a scatter dies will be rolled and they would move in the desired direction, a random player will decide what they are doing i.e. building or attacking.  Battles will be decided using dice rolls.
INSERT NARRATIVE.....little one has my creative brain atm...
T8 - Movement
As you can see allot has happened. The Nids landed and cause confusion. Everyone reshuffled and held their grounds. The Necron/Dark Eldar alliance crumbled as the Necrons marched forward stealing DE claims.  IG proceeded to harass the leading army. (to my annoyance).  In a gamble all players assaulted the Hive City wanting to claim the central point. A massive 5-way battle ensued

T8 - Final
Sadly, I forgot to take pictures of the battle. It was chaotic and fun.  BT won as they played the scenarios, all he other players were going for blood and revenge.  Sadly BT failed the dice roll, so Eldar remained in control of the Hive City.  IG lost another army, leaving them with one army holding them into the campaign.  The Daemons refused to give up there territories, as the dice failed again.  Tyranids claimed a DE foothold to the south of the Hive City, but did not seize anymore tiles.  Chaos secured their hold to the cold north.
The summer is looking to heat up. Many alliances are falling apart.

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