Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#2

Forces of Giddeon Prime
  • Chaos Forces of Mephiston the Reborn (Solid Red Flag)
  • The Eldar Mul-Girtab (White Flags)
  • Rilyn Vuz-Stra Dark Eldar (Black/Gold Flag
  • Chaos Daemons (Black Flag)
  • Necrons (Yellow Flag)
  • The "Longtails" Imperial Guard Regiments (Red/Blue Flag)
  • Black Templars (Blue Flag)
  • Tau (Green Flag)

This turn was quiet as forces secured thier borders and set upon building new installations. The Eldar charged the Daemon held city and its surrounding plains as the IG prepared to hold off a Necron and Dark Eldar advance.

Forming a shaky alliance the Necron and Dark Eldar forces squared off against the IG as they held a long bastion. Surviving the initial onslaught the battle looked bleak as the IG watched the slow advance of the Necron horde. Flicking into view the Dark Eldar closed on the IG line, as a "stray" guass beam arced into their raider. Succubus Selene snarled as the bile rose in her throat, she howled as her raider swerved and bore down on the Necron force. The IG watched as the alliance broke and the Necron and Dark Eldar slaughtered each other. When the dust settled, Major Duros shrugged as the Dark Eldar disappeared leaving broken Necron bodies.

Hive City Mujuilp was liberated by Seer Onetsa's strike-force as they drove deep into the Daemon held territories. The Daemons drove into the shadowy waste, plotting their next move.

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