Return to Giddeon Prime (intro) - A Warhammer 40k Campaign

It is a new year and it is time to roll out a new campaign for new players and old.

We will be returning to Giddeon Prime and seeing who can conquer the planet.

Giddeon Prime
On the southern edge of the Eastern Fringe to the galactic south of Black Reach in the Charadon Sector is the sector known as Giddeon Prime. Hundreds of worlds were cut off from the light of the Astronomican, the Light of the Emperor. The Imperium of Man had not experienced such a time since the Age of Strife, twenty millennium ago. Systems that were once bastions of civilization have fallen into riotous anarchy. Forge worlds have secluded themselves, preparing to spend thousands of years in darkness as they had done before. Some worlds simply ceased to exist from record, forgotten in history after some global disaster or another.

The darkness was so complete that Imperial commanders, Space Marine chapters, and even the forces of darkness knew that any space travel through the Warp, no matter how limited, meant almost certain death.

Now the light of the Emperor shines. The Gaze of the Imperium falls on Giddeon Prime, to form a beach head for their cleansing of the system.

Following in the wake of the Tyranid assault the Imperium returns to Giddeon Prime to rebuild and colonize. But they are not alone, leaders emerged who will either help to unite and await the end of the darkness or simply consolidate their forces to prevent the few systems they controlled from falling into anarchy or worse.
Former allies were considered foes as motives were questioned. Man fought against man, battle-brother against battle brother, and the forces of Chaos and aliens fought them all. These forces each had their own agenda, their own purposes, and their own methods to establish control.

I wish I can claim the full intro but I was modified from a campaign run by Berks Warhammer Club.

As part of the campaign each player is to supply a short Bio on their forces commander and lieutenants. Due to the "friendly" nature the campaign is scheduled to run until September. Should be fun!!

So far the confirmed players are:
Dark Eldar
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Deamons
Imperial Guard
Black Templar
possible Crimson Fist/Space Wolf Alliance

Stand by for Player intro's when bios are received.

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