Return to Giddeon Prime -Turn#2

Forces of Giddeon Prime
  • Chaos Forces of Mephiston the Reborn (Solid Red Flag)
  • The Eldar Mul-Girtab (White Flags)
  • Rilyn Vuz-Stra Dark Eldar (Black/Gold Flag
  • Chaos Daemons (Black Flag)
  • Necrons (Yellow Flag)
  • The "Longtails" Imperial Guard Regiments (Red/Blue Flag)
  • Black Templars (Blue Flag)
  • Tau (Green Flag)

This turn was quiet as forces secured thier borders and set upon building new installations. The Eldar charged the Daemon held city and its surrounding plains as the IG prepared to hold off a Necron and Dark Eldar advance.

Forming a shaky alliance the Necron and Dark Eldar forces squared off against the IG as they held a long bastion. Surviving the initial onslaught the battle looked bleak as the IG watched the slow advance of the Necron horde. Flicking into view the Dark Eldar closed on the IG line, as a "stray" guass beam arced into their raider. Succubus Selene snarled as the bile rose in her throat, she howled as her raider swerved and bore down on the Necron force. The IG watched as the alliance broke and the Necron and Dark Eldar slaughtered each other. When the dust settled, Major Duros shrugged as the Dark Eldar disappeared leaving broken Necron bodies.

Hive City Mujuilp was liberated by Seer Onetsa's strike-force as they drove deep into the Daemon held territories. The Daemons drove into the shadowy waste, plotting their next move.

{{[Waiting on the updated map]}}

Return to Giddeon Prime - Initial Landing & Turn#1

The map was revealed and the players anxiously choose their colours and marshaled their forces. 3d6 were rolled and the order randomly chosen to deploy forces and initial landing zones.

The skies and ground trembled as the armies appeared from the warp, dropships and rose from the frozen south.

  • Chaos Forces of Mephiston the Reborn (Solid Red Flag) deployed to the frozen North. Claiming a Spaceport and Hive City Broazsh.
  • The Eldar Mul-Girtab (White Flags) claimed the Eastern Spaceport and the surrounding terrain.
  • Sensing his brother close, Archon Dragao O'Preto (Black/Gold Flag) and his Rilyn Vuz-Stra war-band broke through the webway sweeping over the southern battlements.
  • The citizens of Hive City Mujuilp were ravaged as the warp blenched the Chaos Daemons (Black Flag) into their streets, the incursion chasing the survivors tot he nearest Spaceport.
  • The the far north, the Necrons (Yellow Flag) rose from thier slumber and started to march across north.
  • Responding tot he call for aid, the Bermudiana 501st ‘Longtails’ Imperial Guard Regiments (Red/Blue Flag) made planetfall at the SW Spaceport and prepared a defensive line.
  • Along the Eastern battlements the Black Templars (Blue Flag) marshaled their forces and prepared their crusade banners.
  • The Tau (Green Flag) swept in using the NE Spaceport as a staging ground, ready to spread the "Greater Good"
Giddeon Prime - Landing
As the campaign fever spread, everyone took their initial 1st turn. )Wanted to wait a week, but...) the season was rolled.......and the campaign started in the "Winter"

Force markers were placed and the armies marched forward.

  • Chaos secured the northern lands and the nearby power station.
  • The Eldar forces did not advance, choosing get the abandoned manufactorium and power station working.
  • The DE surged towards the Hive City, wishing to test themselves against the Daemons.
  • Sensing the approaching forces the Daemons moved to intercept the Tau forces.
  • The Necrons slowly moved to the Hive City going around the approaching IG.
  • The Longtails attempted to force the Necrons back but were held off by the unyielding machines.
  • The Black Templars moved to engage the approaching DE.
  • The Tau cautiously moved forward and were caught in the Daemon advance, a brief battle was fought over the manufactorium. The Tau retreating to regather their forces.
Winter - Turn#1
Note: The paint pot is a temporary marker for the Tau.

A very uneventful turn. The mood was grim, mostly due to the crappy weather and noisy kids, as everyone packed up to leave. The gears could be heard turning ans schemes and plans were formed. The next Turn looks to be a bloody one.

The map is not as crowded as I thought it would be. A few open spaces will make for some intense battles.

Return to Giddeon Prime (intro) - A Warhammer 40k Campaign

It is a new year and it is time to roll out a new campaign for new players and old.

We will be returning to Giddeon Prime and seeing who can conquer the planet.

Giddeon Prime
On the southern edge of the Eastern Fringe to the galactic south of Black Reach in the Charadon Sector is the sector known as Giddeon Prime. Hundreds of worlds were cut off from the light of the Astronomican, the Light of the Emperor. The Imperium of Man had not experienced such a time since the Age of Strife, twenty millennium ago. Systems that were once bastions of civilization have fallen into riotous anarchy. Forge worlds have secluded themselves, preparing to spend thousands of years in darkness as they had done before. Some worlds simply ceased to exist from record, forgotten in history after some global disaster or another.

The darkness was so complete that Imperial commanders, Space Marine chapters, and even the forces of darkness knew that any space travel through the Warp, no matter how limited, meant almost certain death.

Now the light of the Emperor shines. The Gaze of the Imperium falls on Giddeon Prime, to form a beach head for their cleansing of the system.

Following in the wake of the Tyranid assault the Imperium returns to Giddeon Prime to rebuild and colonize. But they are not alone, leaders emerged who will either help to unite and await the end of the darkness or simply consolidate their forces to prevent the few systems they controlled from falling into anarchy or worse.
Former allies were considered foes as motives were questioned. Man fought against man, battle-brother against battle brother, and the forces of Chaos and aliens fought them all. These forces each had their own agenda, their own purposes, and their own methods to establish control.

I wish I can claim the full intro but I was modified from a campaign run by Berks Warhammer Club.

As part of the campaign each player is to supply a short Bio on their forces commander and lieutenants. Due to the "friendly" nature the campaign is scheduled to run until September. Should be fun!!

So far the confirmed players are:
Dark Eldar
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Deamons
Imperial Guard
Black Templar
possible Crimson Fist/Space Wolf Alliance

Stand by for Player intro's when bios are received.