Necrons vs Astra Militarum

Necrons  vs Astra Militarum-2000pts
Eternal War: Big Guns Never Tire
Deployment: Dawn of War


Necrons lost the role off to deploy first but the guardsmen decided to counter deploy the necrons and choose to go second. Without knowing where the guardsmen would setup the necron forces deployed centrally. Also, most of the objectives(3 objectives) where set up in the middle of the board. Both Triarch Praetorian squads deployed centrally with the Destroyers  and Tomb Blades flanked by the two Immortal squads and a warrior squad. The Overlord, Cryptek and Lychguard where held in reverse with their nightscythe. Both armies were combined arms detachments.
The Guardsmen began their counter deployment by splitting there forces. Each half of the Guardsmen's forces set on opposite sides of the board. I believe the idea was to split my fire power. The Tank Squadron set up on the right flank with two Infantry squads behind an Aegis defense line and Quad gun. Centrally two lascannon teams deployed in a ruin and crater. Lastly, the company command squad in their Chimera was set up next to two infantry platoons on the other side of the board.


Turn 1 did not see much action as many of the necron forces weapons where out of range. The tomb blades moved further forward losing two of their unit moving out of difficult terrain and followed by the praetorian squads looking to engage the enemy as fast as possible. The destroyer squads moved forward trying to get into position to target the tanks behind the gun line. The Immortals and warriors moved up to take the objectives near the necron deployment zone. A mediocre shooting phase only dealt one wound on each of  the lascannon teams in the ruin and crater. The destroyer squad didn't manage to damage the Lemun Russ with the punisher cannon. Assault moves for the destroyer squads saw them move further towards the guardsmen. The guardsmen saw a much more productive turn 1 than the necrons. Movement for the guardsmen was quite fast because only the two infantry squads on the left moved forward with the remaining forces taking cover behind their defense line. The lascannon teams opened fire unto one of nearby praetorian squads killing many of the unit. Also, one of the destroyer units near the gunline took a wound. The other praetorian squad suffered a few casualties as well.
Turn 2
Turn two saw the Overlord and his unit fail to arrive to the battlefield. Movement began and everything moved forward for the necrons. The praetorians moved forward looking to possible multi assault one of the lascannon teams and infantry platoons. The other praetorian squad moved closer towards one of the infantry squads behind the defense line. The warrior squad moved forward trying to get some shoots on the tank. The destroyers moved into cover looking to shoot the command squad in the chimera. The praetorians destroyed the lascannon team in the crater and the tomb blades also removed a base from the squad in the ruin(failed morale and fled). The heavy gauss cannon from the destroyer destroyed the Chimera. The other destroyer squad glanced the punisher. The praetorian squads failed their charges. The heavy weapons team did not rally and left the battlefield giving first blood to the necrons. The Guardsmen moved closer to the praetorian squad on the left flank.  The punisher and Eradicator nova canon opened fire on the warrior squad and destroyed the entire squad. The infantry opened fire onto the last remaining praetorian on that side of the field and he was removed from play. A few more causalities where suffered by the praetorians on the other side of the field leaving only two remaining.
Turn 3
The Overlord still did not arrive to the battlefield. The last two remaining  praetorians moved closer to the guardsmen looking to finally get into close combat. The tomb blades and destroyers were ready to fire into the command squad and possibly assault if the squad managed to survive. The unit of immortals opened fire on one of the infantry squads on the left. The squad was in rapid fire range and killed more than half the infantry squad. The combined firepower of the tomb blades and destroyers managed to slay all but the company commander. The two triarch praetorians remaining on the table assaulted the infantry squad and won the combat, however, the commissar executed the sergeant and as a result, the man of the imperium would not flee. The guardsmen opened fire on the necrons finally destroying one of the destroyer units. Unfortunately for the guardsmen there was not much to fire at as the necron forces had hidden them selves in cover or were locked in combat. Close combat continued and one of the commissar's unsheathed a power sword and cut down a praetorian and in return the final remaining praetorian didn't inflict a single wound on the squad. Lastly the Company commanded was killed by the tomb blades.
Turn 4
The Overlord still would not show up remaining confident that no matter what these mortals could not possibly win. The immortal squad shot down the remaining guardsmen from the infantry platoon that was advancing towards them. The assault phase saw the lone praetorian cut down by the guardsmen. The guardsmen began there last ditch attempt of capturing objectives by leaving the aegis defense line and advancing forward and towards the middle objective. The tanks continued to fire at the necrons but they made the majority of there saves.
Turn 5
Turn five saw the Overlord and his unit arrive to the battlefield. The lychguard set themselves up for a charge if the game would continue. the Overlord arrived furious to the battlefield seeing that his forces had not yet dealt with this primitive species. The immortals got into position to fire at the remnants of the infantry squad that had killed the praetorians. They opened fire and destroyed what was left of the unit securing the objective on their side of the field. In the assault phase the tomb blades assaulted the infantry squad in the center of the board hoping they would fail morale and run away. This would not be the case as the guard would not give up the objective and combat would continue. The remaining guard forces shot into the Overlords unit however the lychguard are powerful warriors and not a single wound was taken by the squad. The game would continue and it needed to for the Overlord to secure the objective near him.
Turn 6
This turn saw the lychguard position themselves for a disorganized assault. The remaining forces consolidated their positions on the objective. The Overlord and his unit charged into the Leman Russ and the near by infantry squad. The Overlord and his warscythe single handedly destroyed the Leman Russ while his lychguard and cryptek annihilated the infantry squad that was contesting an objective. The Tomb blade remained locked in combat with the infantry squad.
The game ended as the necrons controlled the majority of objectives. In addition, first blood, line breaker and slay the warlord were achieved by the necrons.
Final score 9-3 for a Necron victory

Overlord Phar