WIP - Plauge Bearer

It has been awhile since I have painted something none Eldar or Space Marine related. As I have a habit of painting other models I grabbed Plague Bearer from RD to paint.

I was kind excited as this would be my first daemon. After settling on a scheme I wondered how fast I could complete the model to just above table top quality. This put a kink in my planning process which caused me to randomly surf for more pictures of the filthy buggers.

Step1: I chose a simple Chaos Black Base coat, it is a personal preference and i wanted the daemon to look dirty.

Base Coat - Chaos Black

Step 2: As green is the colour of Nurgle I selected bright green as the base skin tone. A ample overbrush was applied

First Colour - Snot Green

Step 3: A second green was used to dull the original and add a secondary sin tone. Goblin Green was overbrushed leaving the Snot Green showing in places.

Second Colour - Goblin Green

Step 4: Tired of seeing green the horns, nails and teeth were painted Denab Stone. Mecharite Red was applied to the exposed fleshy areas and Orche Shade to the 'worms'. I was not to sure how the yellow would look, but the contrast proved to work.

Base Colours - Mecharite Red, Denab Stone, Orche Shade

Step 5 -Boltgun was was applied to the sword and nose ring.

Metals - Boltgun Metal

Step 6 - the horn and worms were highlighted, bright colours were used as the model was going to get think wash to finish it off.

Highlights - Skull White, Sunburst Yellow

Step 7 - Bottled Talent was applied. I don't care what people say the washes are good.

Shading - Gryphonne Sepia

Finished(?) Product -

Over all I am pleased with how fast I was able to complete the project. 45 minutes minus the over night dry for the wash. I might apply some rust to he weapon and a generous coat of Water effects for a slimy look. This and my recent CSM are rekindling my painting and slowly chipping away at the painters' block my Eldar caused.

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