Campaign - Summer Begins

Summer begins with a "blood" rain

 The sky darken as the spores began to fall. A tendril of Hive Fleet Achaierai had founds its way through the circling fleets.The plains around Hive City Mujuilp shock at the main tendril lunged towards the city. 

"Scrreeeeeee, klik, Cliiick. Awrh" the Hive Tyrant emerged with a shake of its head, its fangs dripping as it tasted the air. Vestigial slime and mucus dripped off in clumps as it swatted the nearest gargoyle. It tensed as it Norm Queen inserted its command, sensing prey tot he east it urge its vanguard forward.

Amenophis giggled as he brushed a Dark Eldar corpse off his wrist. The temporary truce had served him well. He tilted his head skyward as he watched the weird "rain" fall. Seeing no clouds, he shrugged all will have to surrender and die soon. The dynasty would rule again.

Chaplain Adolfus' Crozius arced through the air, crashing into the last Eldar defender he smiled. The air rang with the Templar vow of vengeance. The Spaceport had been reclaimed with minimal loses. The Cleansing of Giddeon Prime could begin anew, it would be a good summer.


Summer began with a new player joining the campaign. CJ bought in his Nids and the dynamic and momentum shift was instant. Initial movement and deployments. The season looked to be messy as the map was getting crowded.

The "shadow in the Warp" seemed to disrupt all dice rolls. Almost every battle resolution ended with the attacking army being removed from play, even defenders were not immune. Many curses were thrown in the air. (all in jest)

Battles will be fought was a new secondary objective as any/all HQs used in battles would counts as 2VP if slain. Should make for some interesting gambles, to use the HQ or not.  

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Player Race Flag Colours
Paul Eldar White

Richard Imperial Guard Blue/Red

Tyler Tau Green

Thomas Necron Yellow

Romar Daemons Black

Josh Chaos SM Red/Red

Aaron Dark Eldar Black/Gold

Harold Templar SM Blue

CJ TyranidsSM Orange

It will be a bloody summer.......

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