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No rulebook is created in a vacuum.If you have ever written a campaign booklet you understand the conflictual rules you sometimes create.  Thanks to all the players and your patience so far with the campaign.

Thank you to all involved as we streamline the rules.


Movement Phase:
  •   Delete - 'At all times at least one army must be kept within a players empire to defend the land, any other armies may roam freely' YES, this means you can attack with all three (3) armies, but you might leave yourself open to attack.

Declare War:
  • A commander and his/her force can only answer one (1) challenge per turn. 
  • Declare War:  If another player *non allied* has an army in your empire you must issue a challenge to them. To answer the challenge move a corresponding commander token to the same square. D6+1 movement to see if you can reach.
Resolve Victories & Defeats:
  • Delete - The Defeated player must roll on the Ignominious Defeats table. Any Commander that was removed as a casualty during the game must roll on the Character Injuries table.
  • Delete - their capitol.
Resolve Expeditions:
  • No change

Removed from PlayDefeated Armies (Removed): can return the next turn, but can not move, build or defend. This is to represent the forces regrouping.

Total Defeat: A player can be removed from the campaign by being totally defeated.  To be removed they need to lose all tiles and have the army "removed from play" result on V&Defeats table.  If they are driven back they shall go in a random (scatter die direction). They can choose to fall back into a "allies" territory or to their fleet.

Attacking with No Tiles A player can choose to make lightning strike against any territory without an army.  This is to represent the remaining forces attempting a gamble.  

Cancelled Campaign TurnsIf three (3) players are unable to make a schedule movement phase that campaign turn will be a "draw" and no armies will move nor will territories change hands.


Can I take the last two territories of 'player X' he isn't here to defend? - Short answer, No.  A player needs to fight for his last few territories, due tot he implications it would be unfair to allow this to happen via dice rule.

Can I capture a territory if no battle was fought? (lack of defending force/ player absence/ player trade) - Yes, these rolls are made the moral victory and defensive line modifiers.

Do I have to capture the tile?  - No, but why not!

How many buildings can I build? -There are a finite amount of buildings available, once they are gone no more can be built.

Feel free to submit additional questions.................

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