The war for Giddeon Prime is over!!

As with all good things......they come to an end.

With the news of a new edition the players decided to put a premature end to the campaign. It was fun whilst it lasted and I'm sure many rivalries have been created.

As many had bought, or where purchasing super-heavies we decided to let each other lead players command an alliance to decide the final overall victor. With a mad cackle 10,000 per side was chosen as the remaining players were divided. It was decreed that the two vets were not allowed on the same team, being good sports we agreed and it oddly set-up a classic match up.

I have to admit coordinating this campaign did have some additional challenges, my wife was away for two (2) months and sitters disappeared. *grumble* but also, reinforces the difficulty in running and playing in the same campaign.

I hope the players had fun. Stay tuned for the final fluff and scores. I have been negligent in my blogging, so have a few post to catch up on.

Campaign feedback appreciated. What did you like/dislike? Ways to improve? What type pf campaign are you interested in? Willing to run the next?

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