Return to Giddeon Prime - Turn#6

"He who is not " hissed as the sounds echoed through the air. His heads ringing as the noise forced a scream from his tortured throat.

Lord Khoranus sighed as another prisoner was slain, this one had provided an hours sport, built how long could he keep his troops entertained.  An eldar witich was dragged forward, springing to his feet Khoranus motioned that this one was his.  Throwing a spare power sword at the Eldar's feet his bowed, knowing this would be a test of skill, the clinking of coins rung as bets were placed.

Seero Onetsa breathes came in ragged choking noises, the pain causing her to thrash falling out her he cot.  Looking around she notice the "Pathwalker" floating in the eagle mantra, focusing her will she rejoined the circle.  Her psychic will combining to shield the Bahzhakhain.

Morbius d'Ranthe smiled as another sample was collected, this weather seemed to effect his 'cousin' deeply and he relished using it to his advantage.

Chaplain Adolfus knelt his armour silent as he bowed his head in prayer. "Father Emperor, watch over our souls. Lead us not into temptation, for we are your mighty blade. The taint will be CLEANSED!" Around the Templars silently watched, on bowed knees their prayers were answered as a bolt of lightening struck Adolfus.

Ethereal Aun arm struck forward, his strike attempting to disarm his foe.  Spinning on his heel, he bought his foot up and connected with his opponent's knee bringing him tot he ground. His opponent did not fall, but throw himself forward, catching Aun in the waist.  Off balance Aun was driven tot hr ground,"Young, you have improved" he said dusting himself off. 

Iron hand grumbled, the weather was making for slow progress. No contact with the fleet had him in a sour mood.  Another tank stumbled as is got stuck in the mud.  Jumping to the ground, his men cheered as they saw him "get dirty" as his helped push the behemoth free. He chuckled, as their spirits rose.

The war of Giddeon Prime had come to a halt as an Ionic storm ripped through the sector. Armies went to ground as communications were lost.  The winds, rain, and warp lightning made travel treacherous.  The 'Spring' season was drawing to an end as Giddeon won this battle.

Due to circumstances this turn was postponed.  The remaining players suggested the following rules clarifications.  Whilst I would have liked to play, the sinus headache did not mid sitting back and watching.  A massive 4-way battle was played, resulting in a Necron victory. I forgot to take pictures of the battle, as their were a few amusing moments as the unspoken alliances betrayed each other.

Nest Week is the end of season scenario and should be fun. No campaign bonuses are allowed only veteran units.

Rule FAQ:

Total Defeat: A player can be removed from the campaign by being totally defeated.  To be removed they need to lose all tiles and have the army "removed from play" result on the Victories& Defeats table.  If they are driven back they shall go in a random (scatter die direction). They can choose to fall back into a "allies" territory or to their fleet.

Attacking with No Tiles:  A player can choose to make lightning strike against any territory without an army.  This is to represent the remaining forces attempting a gamble.  

Cancelled Campaign Turns:  If three (3) players are unable to make a schedule movement phase that campaign turn will be a "draw" and no armies will move nor will territories change hands.

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