Return to Giddeon Prime - End of Summer

The forces of Imperium of Man - Black Templar and Imperial Guard, had showed up for the meeting that was to address the concern of the Tyranids.

As the commanders wait for the others to show up, hours passed....then Col "Ironhand" Shastri stated that to Marshal Ironheart that they should not trust those Xenos and Chaos Scum and it goes against the wishes of the Emperor...Then suddenly, the Tyranid Swarm Lord and his entourage of Tyrant Guards appeared right in front of them. Without hesitation the Marshal tempted the Swarm Lord to attack him, knowing that his IG brethren would not survive a direct assault from them and giving Col Shastri time to get away and rally his troops.

Meanwhile, hearing the sounds of battle the other Black Templar forces ran to aid to their Marshal and the IG deal with the swarm of Genestealers....In the end, the Tyranids had won the battle.....yet the war has yet been determined.


Well, not the end of summer scenario that I have expected. Only 2 players had shown up plus the Tyranid player. It was a close battle, not worried about objectives and trying to kill as many tyranids that we both can. At the end of the game, all but 1 gene stealer, 1 Swarm Lord and 1 Tyrant Guard remained...Not bad for players who were ridiculously overpowered by the Tyranid Player.

Due to various RL issues many of the campaign players could not make this battle. I did pop in near the end to watch though. It was fun to watch as the BT and IG forces fought desperately to the man. My better half left on a business trip and my sitter did not show. I was abit miffed as I had painted my Autarch and a few warlocks for my "surprise" list. Stay tune for the "WID" post.

Thus ends the summer of Giddeon Prime. The cooling air of the fall is blowing in as the trees and landscape begin to turn. Winter is coming!!

Thanks to Marshal Laude for the brief battle report and above narrative.

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