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Spring Scenario

Alliances are put to the test as the armies via for control over Giddeon Prime. Two combined forces meet on the battlefield, each ready to stake their claim on Giddeon. This battle is based around two ‘Alliances” fighting each other to decide which side wins the day.

Army size
Each player chooses a 1000-1250 points force from their codex. They must include any and ALL Veteran units and one commander.

Game Type:
Primary: Objective based
Secondary: Kill Points

Board Set-up & Deployment:

There will be six (6) objectives. The board will be divided into six (6) grids and objective placed in the centre of each. To get the grids divide the along the long table edge into three (3) equal sections and along the centre. The objective in the centre of the each grid. Each of these Objectives is worth 1 Objective point.

Each Opposing HQ model (not Transport) will count as an Additional Objective. These can only be captured by HQ or Elite units. When a HQ is killed/run down/runs of the board mark that spot with an Objective Marker. These are worth 2 Objective points each. This is to both the team the HQ came from and the opposition.

Please note that HQ's may not be setup in Reserve in this mission. If the HQ joins a unit in a Drop Pod then that Drop Pod must be one of the ones to arrive on the first turn.

Armies will deploy via Pitched Battle.

Game Length: 5 Turns, on a roll of a 4+ a 6th Turn will be played (time permitting).

Victory Conditions:
In the event of a tie compare the following level to see who won
Primary: The number of Objectives Claimed decides the Winning Team
Secondary: The Number of HQ's killed decides the Winning Team
Tertiary: The Number of Kill Points decides the Winning Team

Special Rules:
Night fighting, Reserves, Deep Strike, Infiltrate

The Benefits!
At the end of the game the winning team counts up how many Objectives & Kill points each player got during the game. Then the opposition roll a D6 and consult the chart below to determine who won:
1-2: The Player holding the most Objectives wins
3-4; The Player that got the most Kill Points wins
5-6 The Player that got the most Kill Points & Objectives wins.

The winning side of the Spring game each benefit from one random warg ear card.

The winning Player of the Spring game may select and additional wargear card and a free building of their choice anywhere within their Territory.

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