At the tables this weekend

Pulled out the VC for a “fluff” battle against my usual opponent, and suffered a loss BUT had a funny game.  

As per norm, we broke probability with a few impossible events happening. 

But first the story, recap….(sorry for the length, but loves we fluff some we do)

Death of Lord de’Rose/Birth of de’Rose

Manzazuu the Green laughed coldly as the dusk settled and the final Bretonnia knight disappeared over the horizon.  The battle had lasted the whole day, the screams of dying horses and wet slurping sounds of feasting Crypt Horrors saturated the air.  Surveying the remains of the battle his mind drifted back to the events of the day.

Lord Monte de’Rose’s force had arrived over the horizon as dawn broke. His lances fluttering in the air, as his knights and men prepared to cleanse the lands of the necromancer stain. Manzazuu summoned a bat requesting assistance from his ‘master, as he prepared to sell his life to secure this passage of the relic. Summoning is coven, they sacrificed the few remaining acolytes, their dying blood mixing to strengthen a binding ritual as the dead rose to obey the necromancer’s will. The energies summoning the undead were starting to dissipate as the first arrows and rocks began to fall. Manzazuu focused his will holding the zombie together would take all his focus. With a deafening screech vargheists plummeted from the skies, slamming into the Bretonnia archers.

Manzazuu smiled as he gathered the Winds of Magic, the spell held in his mind as he focused to strengthen his army. His smile turned to a grimace of pain as a light shone in the distance. He screamed as the Bretonnian Lady turned the Wind of Magic against him, ravaging his mind and disrupting the focus of his spell. As the spell resolved, Manzazuu stumbled his strength sapped the eldritch energies leaking from his eyes and ears as he soundlessly screamed. The Bretonnian vanguard hit Manzazuu just as he was recovering the zombie dying in droves as the Bretoonia Battle Standard Bearer fought through to reach Manzuzuu. Retreating to the read Manzazuu directed his coven to press the attack. Attempting to cast another spell, Manzazuu watched the Winds of Magic falter and escape his grasp the dark energies not obeying his command. Feeling the pull on the Winds as the Bretonnia Ladies attempted to focus their spells, he noticed they were having the same problem. Unable to bring magic to bear, this battle would now be resolved by might of arm.

As the Bretonnian Battle Standard Bearer approached, A Wight King, The Nameless Blade, challenged the BSB. The Nameless Blade has appeared leading a Grave Guard unit to harass the Knight. The BSB and the Nameless blade attacked each other with vigour, their blades a blur as they parried attack after attack. With a scream of triumph, the BSB sword parted the torso of the Wight, his triumph was short lived as he coughed blood a sword sticking through his gut. As he slumped over dead, his charger reared and fled the battlefield.

Lord Monte de’Rose’s knight charged Manzazuu as some skeletons intercepted the charge. A Lord de’Rose fought an image hovered in the air. An ethereal wreathed face looked down on him and shaking her head turned away. Fighting with vigour de’Rose and is knights, were thrown from their chargers as the skeletons pressed the attack. Looking up Manzazuu saw the Ladies turn and ride from the battle, the remaining knights and remnants of De’Rose’s forces in tow. “What had just happened? Had the Lady betrayed this knight? Or had she decided he was unworthy?”

Monte de’Rose fought the skeletons as a shadow fell over the battlefield. A piercing screech, knocked him to his knees as a dark armoured figure dropped from the sky in front of him. Raising his head he stared at the red armoured figure as the skeletons parted, a circle forming around the two. “Lord de’Rose it appears you have soiled your family name and the Lady has left you to your demise. No why would this be? Could it be the darkness in your heart? Could it be your quest for power and revenge has corrupted your soul?” the face of Lord Delacroix twisted with a smile as he spoke. Nearing rage Lord de’Rose attacked the Vampire Lord, his blows being parried by the figure casual flicks of his wrists. “You vile beast, I will slay you or die trying!” Lord de’Rose screamed as he attacked the Vampire Lord. “Your words are empty, Lord DeRose” Delacroix responded, “You will destroy me? Like the Chaos horde? Like the Lizardman?! You have failed and squandered your people’s lives. And for what? You own vanity? You do not deserve to be a knight.” Shaken by the word Lord de’Rose stumbled and dropped his sword, at once the Vampire Lord was on him his throat held in his hands. “Don’t worry you wont suffer you long.” Lord de’Rose quivered as the fangs pierced his neck, his life blood flowing from him. “NO! I wish to live!” he screamed as darkness closed around him.

Lord Delacroix laughed as he tossed the body to the ground. Perching on a rock he watched the corpse to see what would happen. As the corpse being to move, he watched intently, as the blood kiss worked its magic. The newly awaken Lord de’Rose opened his eyes and cruel smile on his lips as the power flowed through him. Laughing he cackled “Ahh, yes the power! This I have craved, all shall feel my wrath.” As he danced in the moonlight, Delacroix shook his head and started to walk away, “You are a failure! Enjoy this time as your mind in now forfeit.” Baring his fangs de’Rose launched himself at Delacroix but was battered away. As he tumbled his body warped, his muscles expanding and shredding his armour, his fangs grew to the length of daggers. Landed on all fours he howled to the moon as the final changes where complete. His mind now lost Lord de’Rose smashed his way through the remaining skeletons and escaped into the surrounding forest.

Lord Laude crumpled the scroll to the ground as he read the blood stained report. The missive, from Lord Delacroix, was confusing to say the least. Lord Delacroix was known for his flee
ting insanity and noble gestures.  Why did he write to let him know that Lord de’Rose ‘lived’ and could be found haunting the Bloody Forest? Why would he want one of his creations destroyed?

Epilogue - A hooded figure wonders deep into the Bloody Forest looking for a lost soul....An ominous shadow darts in and out of the tree tops above. The hooded figure stops....then uncovers her hood revealing a beautiful damsel. Suddenly, a monstrous creature smashes in front of her and lets out a blood curdling roar....

A whisper..."My Lord....."...the creature stops and looks at the damsel....a calm in its eyes as it stares at her. The damsel reaches for the creatures face...."My Lord de'Rose...." she whispers as she moves her hand to caress the creature's face.....
The the creature suddenly snaps at her...forcing her to step back...."My Lord Stop!" She screams....she quickly cast a spell and pushes the creature back into one of the trees.....stunned the creature looks at her and screams and disappears into the darkness of the forest....

"My Lord...I will avenge you...." she whimpers as she holds her hand against her bossom...."I....Lady Lily....will make sure of it"...

Hmm, this is along post. Battle Report to follow in a separate post....

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