Sibling Rivalry - Eldar/DarkEldar Battle

Sorry for the late post on this game.  The game was held two weeks ago between myself and the Dark Eldar player.  We both know it was going to be a brutal game and did not pull any punches.  We decided on 3000 Combined Arms with multiple detachments and no allies.  I went fo ra themed list as I had just finished painting Karandras and "had" to field him.

In the end Eldar won, by using a two new units (Vyphers and Swooping Hawks)

Eldar List
Detachment #1
4x Warlocks
6x harlequins (DJ, SS, 2 fusion pistols)
10 Guardians w/Scatter laser (warlock was attached)
9 Rangers
2x Vyphers (SC/SC)
2x War Walkers (SL/EML)
Wraithlord (BL/EML)
5 x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Biting Blade)
5 x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Claw)
10 x Striking Scorpions (Exarch w/Chainsabres)
5x Dire Avengers (Exarch w/PW/SS) – Wave Serpeant (SL)
5x Dire Avengers (Exarch w/twAC) – Wave Serpeant SC)
6x Swooping hawks (Exarch w/Sunrifle)
4x Dark Reapers (Exarch w/EML-flak)
Night Spinner

Turn 1
Dark Eldar seize the Initiative and ‘steal’ first turn.  The War Walker scout ahead and move into cover of the ruined administration building to support the rangers. Advancing along the flank the DE open un on the Harlequins in the alien foliage killing 3 and stun the Night spinner. 

Eldar retaliate and destroy one Ravagers and stun a venom. Vypher and Dark reapers open on the DE bikers killing all but 1 (who refuses to break and flee). Harlequins advance forward. Eldar psychic phase is effective in getting off a few buffs.

Turn 2
Dark Eldar have a very effective reserve roll with all units showing up.  One Raider attempts to deep strike in the back field but mishaps (due to skimmer’s shape) and is out into on-going reserves. DE fire on Guardians and manage to kill 2, as the hunker down in the ‘alien foliage’.  Falcon is stunned but does not crash and burn.

Eldar reserves arrive. Hawk deep strike into DE back filed, Scorpions appear on left flank and Eldar battle line, Autarch runs to support Guardians line.  Vyphers and WS move around the admin building and destroy bikes on the way.  Walkers shot and only mange to stun the Void bomber. Eldar shooting sees one more Ravager destroyed, 1 venom and Archon’s raider destroyed. Guardians worry about pending Archon assault.

Turn 3
Dark Eldar raider deep strikes in back field and fires on rear armour of the Falcon doing nothing. Void Raven leaves the battlefield on a bombing run killing 2 scorpions as it leaves air space. Archon and Grotesque guard open on the Guardians but fail their charge by 0.5” (rolled a 3, and rerolled another 3 in difficult terrain; the new -2” is oddly powerful) DE beastpack and warriors surround the Swooping Hawks in the backfield ruins and dwindle the number to 3.  Scorpions take heavy causalities to all squads and all manage to hold.   Wyches fail to assault Scorpions due to terrain. 

Eldar shoot at backfield raider, and sadly released its Incubi =( last Ravager is wrecked and one lone venom survives Eldar shooting. Karandras moves to assault Archon as other Scorpions assault anything in reach.  With no challenge Karandras and the Archon trade blows, the Autarch failing to reach the combat to provide support. The resulting combat sees the Archon die to and Karandras takes 2 wounds.  Scorpions kill True born and other squad is killed by Wyches. Lone scorpion was over number 4-1 lol. Dark reapers open on the Incubi and reduce their number as the Warlocks charge in. 1 warlock survives to stall the Incubi but runs in fear! The rest butchered by the Klaivex.

Turn 4 At this point the game is called, but we play on to see “what if”...
DE shooting was ineffective. Void Bomber arrived back on board and after shooting full payload at ‘rear’ armour of the Falcon manages to only stun it. (both of us laugh) Incubi fail their 3” charge.  We both laugh and pack up our armies. 

Overall it was a fun game. Eldar seem abit overpowered and have TOO much shooting.  Was not trying to build a shootie list but somehow ended up with a crap-load of shooting. Guardians are not bad, once buffed up they become hard to shift, even more than rangers.  The Serpeant Shield can be overly abused, if the tank isn't getting shoot at, you turn it into an offensive gun boat. I think I will add in my own house rule of a 1 turn charge period.  I will be trying this infiltrator heavy list again. The addition of the Vyphers took my opponent by surprise he was not prepared for the torrent of firepower they could dish up and their mobility.  Though I would trade my Vyphers for his Venoms if I could. Swooping Hawks are very good now, almost TOO good the new Herald of Victory rule makes them a very accurate deniel unit. The amount of shoots they can unload for their cost is good, Eldar version of the Land Speeder (though allot more fragile with AV10 open topped)

I can see why Eldar don't have an assault vehicle, between the shooting specialist and CC specialist it would not be fair to most opponents. And I need more Scorpions

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