Random Ramble on Terrain - bunkers on the cheap

Been an interesting couple of weeks.  The "gaming" bug has bitten hard, as has the modelling bug.

Looking around I noticed I had some cardboard holders that were itching to be made into some gaming terrain.  Since my gaming group has all broken our 7th edition cherries, we need new terrain to 'shake' things up.  

The shapes were good for bunkers or some building structure. After a few months of thinking I settled on bunkers.  Going through the bitz box(es) I scavenged a few items and settled in to work. 

Roughly 6 hours I was were done and still had the weekend left to spare.  Whilst not 100% satisfied, I think they will make a nice addition to our growing terrain collection.

Front View
Rear View - Bunker Doors
 Not bad for "free" terrain that cost nothing but some time.  Attempted to make each bunker unique.

Items used:

  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Cat litter
  • Plasti-card
  • Foam-core Board - the black kinda (its is sturdier than the white btw)
  • Spare Bitz

Terrain for the Gaming gods!

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