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In the past few months the gaming club has doubled in size.

I thought the best way to introduce new players (and old) to the new rules would be a campaign. So, after some pondering a Team Campaign was formed.  Each new players would be teamed with an experienced player as they attempt tp claim an old Imperial city.

The GW Vogen Campign was choosen as the first "Introductory" campaign. The rules are simple and easy to follow.  The teams were drawn as random and there are some intersting combination. It is a good thing it's not a fluff campaign!.

Wit the names randomly chosen the forces musters and breached the walls of the city. Most breached the various fortification around the city. As we had am (imperial Guard) Astra Militarium player he was allowed to claim the Cadian HQ.

The forces invlioced int he campaign cinsist of:
Dark Eldar + Grey Kinghts - Grey
Tyranids + crimson Fist - Red
Astra Miltarium + Daemons - Orange
Tau + Necron - Purple
Dark Angels + Night Lords - Green
Black templars +Chaos Space  Marine - Blue (Light Blue)
Eldar + Space Marines + Necron - Yellow

It was a goof thing this is a friendly non-fluff campaign :) so many heretical alliances.

Stay tune for weekly updates!

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