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Warhammer Fantasy Battles was played Sunday gone.  Necron were due to battle Dark Eldar but DE could not play. 

A long buried Tomb Kings army emerged and ambushed the Dwarfs on their way to The Badlands to head off a Lizardman scouting force.  The Empire also stumbled upon a previously unknown Orge Tribe.

Tomb Kings vs Dwarfs - @2500 Battleline 

As the Lizardman players was late, the Dwarfs fought Tomb Kings. This games was very interesting a veteran (with a new codex) facing a new player.  Both players had some new tricks and a few rule discussions.  The Tomb Kings held off the Dwarven advance!! The TK win was unexpected by all, even the TK player.  The final VPs were +150 in favour of the TK.  

Empire vs Ogres - @1500 Meeting Engagement

A very weird game.  Both armies had 50% of their forces pushed into reserves by the scenario special rules.  Effectively ruing both battle plans.  The Empire Griffon knights devastated the Ogre Firebelly and Bull guard after the Firebelly wreaked havoc with Flame Storm, effectively destroying a 50 man block of swordsman single-handedly.  By the time the Empire reserves hit the table, both armies were down to a few units and it became a game of cat-n-mouse.  Once the Death Wizard miscast and lost 3 spells and was reduced to level 1, the Ogres grabbed the upper hand and chased the Empire Arch Lecture and knights off the table.  Was a fun game overall, Ogres were up after turn 2, but Empire bought it back around by turn 3. After that the dice were fickle for both sides.


I do have a few pictures that I will post in time.

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