Return to Vogen - Turn 1

Explosions ripped through the silence of the night, awakening to scream the citizen of Vogen hide under their beds as thier homes were once again under attack.Each army driving into Vogen, citizens running in terror as the armies claimed territory.  Hearing the population screams the Imperial Guard reinforced the Railway-lines to help with the securing escape routes out of the city. 

Turn 1 - Movement

DE/GKmove to Gibbet Hill and Imperial Senate House
Nid/CFmove Hab Delta and Hab Gamma
AM/D move to Railhead terminus and Railhead Depots
T/Nreinforce breach point in the wall
DA/NLmove to Arbites Precint and Administrative Quarter
BT/CSMmove to Guns and Snipers Alley
E/SM/Nmove to North Road Gate and Palace Grounds

As the sun rose over the horizon the city dwellers trembled whether in fear or joy was yet to be determined.
Turn 1 - Final

AM/D 6

A very quiet start the the campaign as forces move to establish beach heads.

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