WFB Campaign - Isle of Swords - Brief Intro

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Isle of Sword
Thiese posts are abit late as the campaign in fully under way.

The player group has decided to end the Warhammer Fantasy season with a camapign.  As per I volunteered to be the campain GM.  After a few weeks a lengthy campaign booklet was produced and the forces chosen.

The map above took as long to make as the booklet.  I will be covering the forces in the next few post. The campaign is following a different format with each player having to choose a side to play for.  The Forces of Disorder and facing off against the Forces of Order.  The format follows closely to the GW Supplement Blood in the Badlands.  (a very good campaign guide btw).

Campaign Introduction
The scrolls were right there was an island in the storm!! This island is rumoured to be the last knowing resting place of the fabled/cursed swords. Each blade is a powerful relic upon itself, its wielder would be granted untold power for order or destruction. The lands vast untold treasures were ripe for the picking. Who will claim the swords? Who will claim the Isle? Who would master the “storm” ?!?

The Campaign

The campaign takes place over a year in the Warhammer world, but over the course of 12 turns in the game. In each turn players more their armies, expanding the borders of their empire, build settlements, fortify strongholds and, most importantly, wage war. At the end of the campaign the final battle for control of the Isles is fought.

Brief Summary

Each player has three armies, each led by a hero. The armies move around the maps counquering lands and claiming artefacts as they go.


Over all is have been a fun campaign with various grudges forming.

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