Isle of Swords - Forces of Order

Each player was asked to provide a brief history on their army leaders.  This bit was made mandatory to allow players to create their own campaign fluff/stories. At the end of the campaign we would try to compile them all into one story.

So with out delay. I present The Forces of Order.


Bretonnian (Campaign Colour - Royal Blue)

Lord Westley (General) A experienced tactician and sailor. He had heard of the magical swords that was told by his grandfather when he was a little boy. Lady Buttercup - One of three sisters. Strong willed and stubborn. She is a great advisor to Lord Westley and a skilled sorceress.

Sir Montoya (Lieutenant) Second in command to Lord Westley. He is a master swordman and is reknowned for his swordmanship. He has hatred for a Dark Elf who killed his father. Lady Blossom - Elder sister of the 3. She is a natural born leader. Keeps and calm head and strategic planning....but when the going gets tough...she lets her magic do the talking.

Sir Fezzik (Lieutenant) Known for his strength. It is said he can take on 10 men by himself. He does not speak much...but when he has meaning.

Lady Bubbles - Youngest of the 3 sisters. She has a "bubbley" personality. But don't let that fool you....she is one of the most skilled soceress...if you ever make her mad.

High Elves (Campaign Colour - Orange)

Prince Aenur Elanessë (General), son of Tathar, son of Amrod, warden of Calador, and blood relative to Prince Imrik direct decedent of Calador the Dragon Tamer, walks the halls of his keep. In his 1500 year of age, Prince Aenur is in his prime of life. Like all elves he is tall and slim, though strength resides in his limbs from a life time of combat against the hated Druchii. Quick of mind and action, he has the fire that drives all those from Calador. The drive to see his kingdom become great once more and make the enemies of the Asur tremble with fear.

          As warden of Calador it is up to him to protect his homelands shores and when nessecary take the fight to Naggaroth itself or other enemies.Not once have the hated Druchii landed on this sacred land while he stood watch. With news of these new islands found in the sky, it has been deemed the right time for Calador expand its influence and borders. Prince Imrik, ruler of Calador, has sent a message to Aenur, to raise an army and claim these new lands for Calador. Though Prince Aenur dose not like to leave his duty as warden, he is eager to start the campaign. The druchii are dispatching forces as well, and have sent the one dark elf that Prince Aenur hates more above all Druchii: Sovage O'Preto. It was this dread lords forces that killed Archmage Haldamir at the battle of Red bay, and the sole lord that is responsible for so many raids on Asur colonies across the world and towns upon Ulthuan itself. Slavery and death is the only thing Sovage knows of and cares about... his death is coming at the tip of Prince Aenurs lance point.

          Summoning his most trusted generals to take command of two of the takes forces, Archmage Haldamir (Lieutenant), and Lord Elladan (Lieutenant) shall accompany him on this mission. Both generals have been with Prince Aenur for many centries, they are wise and good leaders. The final preperations are being completed as Prince Aenur walks through these halls, heading down, down into the mountain where the fires of the earth always burns bright and hot. Down to the lair of his trusted mount, a ancient star dragon by the name: Draugnir. Together with two other dragons gifted to him by Prince Imrik, the armies of Calador march again. Marching to war, marching to victory, marching to glory.

Dwarfs (Campign Colour - Dark Grey)
GENERAL - Durin Raveneye - Youngest son of Byrrnoth Grundadrakk King of Barak Varr, the only sea port in the Dwarf Realms. Lord Character.

He has taken his two closest friends and cousins to the royal line; Lord Hamnir Hammerhand (first cousin) and Lord Galin Olifsson - Lord (distant friend and relation if you go back far enough).
Empire (Campaign Colour - Red)

Tomb Kings (Campaign Colour - Blue)
Vampire Counts (Campaign Colour - Yellow)

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