Isle of Swords - Forces of Disorder

The Forces of Disorder went abit overboard with their character backgrounds.

So with out delay. I present The Forces of Disorder.\

Warriors of Chaos (Campaign Color - Dark Red)
Khor-Hak (General) During the great Storm of Chaos, Khor-Hak was given the task of ensuring the Orc and Goblin hoards remained in check. The Orc’s held no allegiances to the forces of Order or Destruction, so Khor-Hak was “forced” to wage open combat with the dull witted creatures in the name of Khorne. During the final push into the Empire, Khor-Hak was unable to fulfill his personal goal; so he left the Empire, and has been fighting in the name of Khorne since.
Not much is known of Khor-Hak’s lieutenants, save to say they are shadowy figures who’s actions have earned them their positions. What these actions are is hard to say, as Khor-Hak seems to be the only one aware of their actions, leaving the tribesmen to speculate and spread rumors about what they could have done…

Belithiel (Lieutenant) A purple glimmer seems to constantly radiate from his hand, and the hood he wears hides his glowing eyes. Flayus

(Lieutenant) Far less ominous looking is the potbellied appearance of Flayus, as he walks from place to place; the Earth under him twists and separates.

Dark Elf (Campaign Color - Black)

Sovage O’Preto (A Dreadlord of the Dark Elves) Born into a noble house of Grandest Naggaroth, Sovage learned quickly what it meant to be Druchii. Suspicion and ambition kept one both alive and relevant in the cold climes of Dark Elf society. Even as a child he was known to be especially cruel and calculating. The schemes of childhood becoming the strategies of warfare as he came to adulthood. His name rose quickly in the ranks of the noble-born of Naggaroth. He had been gifted with the entire wealth of his house, but few soldiers to go with it. Not a problem for an elf with vast wealth. His father was a successful raider and they lived well because of it. Sovage wanted his own name and made this known. His ambition paid off. He was given a fleet. Dark ships with dark sails. Magic spells cast upon their superior construction. Once word of his rise got out. They came to him in droves. Lower class elves seeking to make a name and to be paid for raiding and butchery. Sovage loved every moment. Each time an elf signed his name in blood his mother magicked the scroll, binding the elf in both deed and soul to her son. There would be no betrayal from an overly ambitious Druchii seeking to make a name or steal a fortune. Many had heard of his skill, both as a leader and a cold blooded killer. Still, gold was the main motivation. Among his troops was his own troupe of Black Guard, who he trained alongside. Most owed him life debts and they alone he trusted without doubt. They are the highest paid of his soldiers and live extravagantly, even for Dark Elves. Sovage does have many acquaintances among the noble houses, although he despises and regards most as sycophants. His mother, a powerful sorceress in her own right, granted him access to the temples of the dark elves that he might bear witness to the pleasures and the pain within. Several sorceresses have been seen in his company, ranging from new adults to centuries old. It has been said he even holds the favor of the Witch King, Malekith, himself. Though none would dare to ask directly. For Sovage has been known, like the vast majority of his kin, to take slight at such simple inquiries about his person. Many have gone missing for less intruding questions. Besides, who would want to know such things? Unless you were a spy… or an assassin… or perhaps you want something of his… or…

Celeene Bel’Ar (Lieutenant) Sorceress, assassin, mistress. Little else is known of this cunning and powerful dark elf. She has the ear of her Dreadlord and that appears to be all she cares for. She is rarely away from his side in Naggaroth. In battle she can often be seen laughing as she casts spell after spell, decimating her Lord’s enemies with dark magic. How she came to be in his employ is a constantly shifting rumor. Some say she was a gift from his mother, herself a sorceress of great power. Others that she came to him in the night, and seduced him with her beauty. Still others say she is a daemon or succubus, and has entrapped him with her wiles and stolen his soul. She is without doubt powerful, sadistic and incredibly beautiful even for one her ilk. More than one Druchii noblewoman has approached her in  an ill manner and felt her wrath. Burned to a cinder with a word, or transformed into some misshapen thing with a wave of slender fingers. She regrets nothing. She is cold. She is deadly. She is powerful. What else could one want in a woman.

 Zaknafein D’ourtan (Lieutenant)Skilled with all manner of weapons. He had come to be in the service of Sovage O’Preto as a lowly mercenary. His prowess attracted much attention and once while sparring, he was approached by Sovage as he and his retinue of Sorceresses passed the training grounds. Soovage watched, his cold, keen gaze felt by the dual wielding warrior as he took on four combatants simultaneously. After easily dispatching two and nearly ending the life of the third, his hands clutching his chest as dark blood flowed through his fingers. The fourth, quickly lowered his blade and admitted defeat. Zaknafein looked toward the firm voice he heard as it challenged him. It was Sovage. “A friendly duel. First Blood to decide the victor.” As Sovage drew his sword, a dark blade, that seemed to emit a darkness from within itself, Zaknafein prepared his stance. His two blades at the ready and already stained with blood. A blur of movement and it had begun. The following morning, Zaknafein entered the tower of House O’Preto. He swore fealty to Sovage without hesitation. A patch, newly made, of sea dragon scale now covered his left eye socket. Despite the offers of Sovage’s harem of sorceresses, he has sworn that he will not restore the eye until he has proven he is worthy. 

Vampire Counts (Campaign Color - Purple)
Lord Dakraht Delacroix (General) Not much is known of Lord Delacroix’s past. His broken broke body was found in “””Corpse Run”” claimed and chained in the dungeon of Noble Peter Hellsing.  Dakraht, as he was called by the Hellsing family was not killed as the Hellsings saw promise in having a ‘pet’.  The years past, as he “guarded” the family, many wayward threats meet their end in his dark cell and at his hands.  No one knew why Dakraht, played this ruse for many years, growing in strength as the fragments of his memories started to return.  The pretence was broken one even, as the Hellsing family’s keep was burned to the ground by marauding bandits.  Isabella, the great grand-daughter of Peter, fled to his cell as the bandits closed in to her location.  Fearing for her life she hid in the corner of Dakraht’s cell as the bandits approached.  Releasing Dakraht sealed the bandits’ fate, as he slaughtered the bandits, and sought their leader.  As the red haze dissipated, Isabella lay limp in his hand, dying as the blood drained from her neck.
Over the years Lord Delacroix has gathered a vast legion of undead as many come to his banner.  He rule his lands with a gentle hand, his moments of cruelty saved from the battlefield.  Not one to care much for his kin, he is known for hunting other stray vampires, only allowing the strong into his coven.

Lady Circe Sanguine (LieutenantA concubine of Lord Delacroix, it is rumoured she is a descendant of the first Noble family that lived on the lands.  Her radiant beauty hides the beast within, as she travels the lands wooing nobles for their wealth and lands.  Many lords and ladies have been killed by her hands and made into her ‘pets’  She delights in tormenting her prey, drawing out their torture, sometimes, for years before giving them the release they crave.

Lord Christiansen (Lieutinant) A barbaric fighter, he does his lords bidding with a cold calculated efficiency.  His nature rising to the surface when angered, as his blood lust takes over. It was rumoured in his former life he was a Grail Knight, but no evidence of this can be found, though he has a statue of the Lady in his chambers.  

Dark Elves (Campaign Colour - Green)

Dreadlord Vraneth (General) was born in the city of Har Ganeth , 5th son of Lord yath .After a mysterious death of of one of his sons Lord Vath sent Vraneth away to Karond'kar to serve on his brothers raiding ship, the Serpeants Heart, as a corsair . After many years of raiding the coasts of the Empire, Bretonnia, and Lustria Vraneth became very very rich .On one of his many raids he met Sovage O'Preto ,and they became comrades in killing and getting rich. In time Vraneth served on his fathers black ark, the Hareful heart ,when Vraneths father was killed in a raid,  the black ark was left to Vraneth .His brothers were not happy about it so they sent assassins to kill Vraneth. His brothers and their families were found a few days later butchered in their beds. The Hateful Heart was now Vraneths plus the 100 raiding ships with it . So begins the time Vraneth the Cruel.....

Dreadord DarkSplinter (Lieutenant) met Vraneth at the siege of GHROND by a CHAOS HORDE .Vraneth was a relief force which was out numbered 2-1 ,lord Darksplinter was the only high born to come out of the city and help Vraneth defeat them at the battle of PLAINS OF GRIEF  . Lord Darkspinter left with Vraneth and has been loyal to him ever since

Dreadord Kalath-Serr (Lieutenant) met Vraneth  at the battle of STRAITS OF FEAR , Vraneth as a corsair had a strong hold on the coast of the straits. On a trip home from a raid on ULTHUAN  he came upon a battle between 6 high elf ships and 2 duchii vessels , the odds where not good . Vraneth does not run from a fight so his vessels attacked and he went for the  high elf command ship which Kalath-Serr had rammed and was fighting 2 vessels at once. Vraneth hit the second ship and boarded it , the High elfs did not know what hit them and the fight was savage and quick . Kalath Serr was surrounded on the command ship , out of the crew 12 left to fight , bleeding from wounds and hating the smug look the high elf captain had on his face.But the high elfs smug look fell to the deck as Vraneth chopped off his head ,all was lost as the elfs saw there leader( loose his head  ) and fled . Kalath-Serr swore his life to Vraneth his life and pledged his loyalty  to him, and still has the head of the high elf commander as a drinking cup

Daemons of Chaos (Campaign Colour - Pink)

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