Oooh, Shiny! Must have!!!

Last night I was painting some Striking Scorpions and while finishing the highlights I remembered why I was drawn to the unit. .The 5th edition models closely resemble a Predator, with their slightly bulky build and “dreads”  This got me to thinking how often do we choose a unit simply based on looks.  I will post some pictures of the scorpions when they are finished.

Here are some pictures to break up my scattered ramblings...

In my Eldar army I frequently use Dark Reapers and have found them to be very reliable.  They are also another model which I fell in love just by looking at them. The skull helmets and the bold armour contrast the usual smooth organic look of the rest of the Eldar army. My favourite configuration is Exarch with crack shot, Tempest Launcher.  In using unit I noticed a shift in my play-style, I would play more aggressive to  draw attention away from them as they 'reaped' carnage.

Dark Reapers

Does this choice effect our play style?  Or do we develop a play style based on our choice? What other units have you simple chosen based on their looks?

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