Battle Report - Eldar vs Tau (750)

Had a fun refresher battle with an old friend this weekend. The games was fun and had some very close moments. Even though I won, he said he had a good game and has vowed revenge.

Eldar Army
Eldar Host
Farseer w/Doom * Guide
Autarch w/Power weapon
5x Howling Banshees x5
5x Striking Scorpions, Exarch w/Biting Blade
10 Dire Avengers, Exarch with Dual Cats, Bladestorm
Wave Serpent w/Shuriken Cannons
5x Rangers
Falcon w/Scatter Laser

Tau Strife force
Shas'o w/Flamer, Burst Cannon, Missile Pod, multi-tracker, shield drone
Battle Suit w/Dual Plasma Rifles, Missile Pod, Multi tracker
3 x Stealth suits w/Burst cannons
5x Fire Warriors, 3 pulse rifles, 1 pulse carbine, Shas'ui w/markerlight (A)
5x Fire Warriors, w/Pulse Carbines Shas'ui (B)
Devilfish w/Burst Cannon drones
5x Fire Warriors w/Pulse Rifles (C)
5x Fire Warriors w/Pulse Rifles (D)
5x Kroot w/shaper (A)
5x Kroot w/shaper (B)
Hammerhead w/Rail Gun, Missile Pods
**lettered only for reference in Battle Report below**

Mission: Annihilation
Deployment:Dawn of War

Eldar won the roll-off and chose to go first. (Hindsight: should have went second)

Table Description: Chaos temple forest board. (I have a habit making themed boards)
Chaos temple in centre of board. Ruins to the NE, hill to the SW. N of the board trees and swamp terrain scattered around.

Eldar Rangers deployed in the Chaos temple in the centre of the board. Farseer and Dire Avenger bodyguard to west of the temple in the Wave Serpent. Scorpions are put in the reserve to Outflank.

Tau deployed some Kroot scouts in the woods to the NW of the Wave serpent. HQ Battlesuit directly north of the temple behind the trees. Firewarriors (B) (Shas’ui-Scor, named earned during the course of the game) in their Devilfish to the NNE of the temple. 1 Kroot pack and Piranha are held in reserve.

Tau almost to seized the initiative (5)

Turn 1
Eldar – Farseer cast guide on the ranges and Dooms the Kroot to the NW. Falcon carrying the Banshees & Autarch speeds forward to the SE of the temple. Falcon’s pulse laser stuns the Devilfish with a lucky shot. Rangers fail to wound the Shas'o. Wave Serpent moves to the west and attempts to shoot the Kroot.

Turn#1 - Tau
Tau – The Tau arrive in force. Hammer directly to the N of the Wave serpent. Fire Warriors (A) to the W of the hammerhead to reinforce the Kroot in the trees. Steal Suits and Fire Warriors C&D arrive in the Ruins NE corner ruins. Battlesuit to the W of the stunned Devilfish to support the flank. Hammerhead destroys the Wave Serpent, one dire Avengers falling to the shrapnel and burning tank wreckage. Shas'o fails to see the Rangers hiding in the ruins. Kroot (A) hunker down where they are. Whilst the Stealth suits skim ahead to confront the rangers.

Turn 2
Eldar – the Striking Scorpions arrive from the shadows pouncing behind the Firewarrios in the ruins. The Farseer Dooms the Shas’o and Guides the Dire Avengers shots. The rangers get lucky and fell one of the Stealth suits, as the Avengers charge forward and bring the Shas’o down in a hail of shuriken (17 wounds; Guide + Doom is a nasty combo, has been put on my black list). The scorpions charge the two Fire warriors squads and kill them to a man, losing one of their own in the process and bunker down in the ruins. The Falcon zooms forward (NE) and kills the lone Battlesuit with a lucky shot (ID’d).

Shas'o looks at pending wounds
Scorpions assault Fire Warriors
Tau – The Piranha refuses to show up, whilst the Kroot sneak behind the Falcon. FireWarriors (A) draw a bead on the rangers with a markerlight and one falls to the Pulse rifles shots. Firewarrior (B) disembark their Devilfish and await the Scorpion charge. (they forgot to shoot their carbines) The Hammerhead kills the remaining rangers with a disperse shot. (failed all the 3+ cover saves!!!)

**At this point "forgot" I had the camera**

Eldar – Farseer Guides the Avengers and Dooms the Kroot in the trees (A). The The Avengers charge Kroot (A) Forgoing shooting to move closer. The Falcon moves more to the E to hide from the hammerhead and stuns the Devilfish (again). The Scorpions charge Fire Warriors (B) and their Devilfish, resulting in 2 dead scorpions and a stunned Devil fish (this where Shas’ui Scor gets his name) and stay in the fight. The Kroot fail to wound the charging Avengers and are killed by the Farseer and Avengers’ attacks. The Avengers take up position in the trees.

Tau – (things are looking bleak) The piranha finally arrives and zooms to provide covering fire for Fire Warrior (A). The Hammer head moves forward and blows the scatter laser off the Falcon. Shas’ui Scor kills another Scorpion as his squad is butchered around him. The Kroot shot at the rear of the falcon but cant penetrate its armour. (they are not affected by forests blocking their LOS, a very cool ability)

Turn 4
Eldar – Farseer cast Guide sand Dooms Fire Warriors (A). The Banshees and Autarch get out the Flacon and advance on the Kroot (B) in the trees. The Falcon moves off and (with a lucky shoot, 3 6’s in a row) explodes the Hammer head killing 2 Fire Warriors in the process. The Avengers and Farseer charge the remaining Fire Warriors, the result was messy. Shas’ui Scor is finally pulled down by the lone Scorpion Exarch who retreats to the safely of the ruins. The Kroot (B) ears are splintered by the Banshees howls and none live to raise a defence.

Tau – The lone Piranha shoots at the Farseer but fails to wound. The Devilfish fires on the Avengers killing 1. (don’t ask, 3 burst cannons and only 3 shots landed with one wound)

Turn 5
Eldar – The Farseer cast Guide. The Banshees hop back in their Falcon, whilst the Flacon immobilizes the Piranha. The Farseer and squad managing to further stun the occupants. The Flacon’s shots miss the Devilfish, but the lone Exarch manages to shake it (again it can’t move)

Tau – The piranha shoots at the Avengers doing no wounds.

Random End Check Fates was cruel and decided the game should continue. We called the game but played one more turn for laughs. This turn resulted in the Piranha surviving and the Exarch exploding the Devilfish and luckily surviving the resulting explosion.

Game Over view
End Game - Battlefield Overview

Eldar – MSU armies are tough. Did not expect to lose so many scorpion to one lone Shas’ui, lesson learned. Game turned once the hammer head was destroyed, those things are excellent at what they do. MVP = Farseer (in training) Ras’inj, Dooming the same unit a Guided unit shoots at is abit too powerful (may not pull out for friendly games)

Tau – Eldar suck!! Waa bit rusty with but played an excellent game. Hammer head held the line. Commander will get a bodyguard, and need to remember the Jet pack rule (was reminded during game to use it though) MSU army is not good for Kill points. MVP = Shas’ui Scor, a Fire Warrior killing 3 aspect warriors in CC was priceless

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  1. Hmm, looking back at the Army list... The Tau list is illegal and just abit over 750 points, as is the Eldar. *sigh*