Why the Hate ?!?

What is with all the Space Marine hate?

One would think they are unbeatable, and/or one would think they are unbalanced.

The iconic image of the Space Marine has been around since GW came into existence. The boxy square shape, the defenders of humanity. How heroic is it for someone to shed his humanity and protect that same people that would consider him a mutant?

SM on the workbench
I for one love the Space Marine in all his flavours. You have the Ultramarines (Vanilla) jack of all trades, able to do anything to an average degree, whilst not being stellar in any field without many special rules. You have the Space Wolves (Rock Road) masters of smashing face and taking names, an all rounder that focus on the short range brute force approach; Vikings in Space. You have the Blood Angels (Chocolate) the excel at the assault, fancy toys that suit their needs, pretty boys with a dark secret. And finally you have the Grey Knights (Rocky Road) special rules every and and even more specialized toys, the elite of the elite.
Sharksmile's Wolves in Action

Many of the young players (and we all were young at some stage) are drawn into the hobby wishing to play the superhero, the defender of humanity. So may are drawn to the Space Marine as their first army. As they learn to play, they find their feet and develop a unique play-style. During this growth many change and get a new army. But will still keep their SMs around.
Yes, that did not end well for the Space Marines

As they play with their new army they see the SM in a new light, cold brutal and deadly, but for the few they also remember how is also feels to play a Space Marine. To know the pain deciding what to field on your list, the torment ans you can not afford a 'needed' (a.k.a. wanted) toy. The dread as you faced off against a horde and the certainty that you could win but it would be bloody.

Not to sure where this ramble went. :)

But we all still love our ice-cream, even if we have not had it in awhile. We as gamers need to be careful of the venom we have towards certain armies as it can dishearten and scare away new players. Lets start spreading the love.

Have you had any unwarranted hate recently?

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