Eldar Craftworld background

Craftworld Mul-Girtab - “Their heads touch the sky, their terror is awesome and their glance is death”

Colours: Skull White, Lich purple; Aspect warriors follow tradition colouring patterns. Force includes an heavy presence of Striking Scorpions and Warp Spiders,

During the Fall Craftworld Mul-Girtab was fleeing most of its citizens gripped in the initial madness and blood letting. They were hurled tumbling into the warp and pushed into a remote corner of the galaxy. Their sister fought brother, father fought wife and Mul-Girtab paid a heavy price. Far removed from their kin, Mul-Girtab began to colonize suitable worlds, a created various closely linked offshoot exodite communities.

As the communities grew, the wreckage and ruins of the craftworld were reclaimed. Due to the extended absense the Wraithbone forests had claimed vast areas of the craftworld. It was here the first Pathwalker was when a spirit scorpion stung a salvager. Putting him into a coma state, after 2 months he emerged reforming the society as Pathwalker Ci-caedr'aer . Setting them along their new found chosen Path, a path of deception, mixed honour and refined justice.

Each House world was defined by a specific task and sits as an equal on the Guiding Council. The council is overseen by She Who Guides, and it members elected by each worlds citizens. Mul-Girtab as a craftworld is known for its honor and secrecy, and has never reneged on an agreement with others, or dealt with them unfairly.

Mul-Girtab tactics revolve around deceptive ploys clearing enemies from the field swiftly and distracting reinforcements. Aspect Warriors are used to strike at the enemy’s weak points providing crippling blows, whilst other elements draw fire. IF the enemy is too strong preemptive strikes will be deployed to hamper the enemy whilst a Ci-can'a is mustered. All elements willing to die, as the future has no shadow to them.

Pathewalker Arahman currently leads Mul-Girtab as the continue along their Path. Mul-Girtab is currently reeling from loosing a world to Khronanus the Black-Hearted, Chaos Undivided Champion.
Autarch Yal-adrin - Harmonious Battle

Known Named Characters:
Farseer Arahman
Farseer Onetsa
Autarch Yal-adrin
Autarch San-shesh – Female (Swooping Hawk Wings)
Autarch Adzimehmed (Warp Spider Generator)
Exarch Tanorath (Striking Scorpions) Biting Blade
Exarch Danelon (Striking Scorpions) Scorpion Claw
Exarch Ta'ali (Howling Banshees)
Exarch Fisnes (Dire Avengers) Dual Shurican Catapults
Exarch Throezara (Dire Avenger) Power Weapon & Shimmer shield
Warlock Altin (Embolden) previous path Dire Avenger
Warlock Mitore (Embolden, Witchblade) previous path Striking Scorpion
Exarch Re-ther (Warp Spider) Dual Spinner & Powerblades
Exarch Ty'lion (Warp Spider) Spinnerette
Exarch Rennes (Dark Reaper) Tempest Launcher

What sort of government runs this society?
This society is run by a council following the path of Harmony and Hostility. The council is chaired by a Farseer, selected as the “She” Who Guides or Pathwalker, the other members of the council are selected from the satellite worlds and craftworld. Each Farsser and Autarch selects a replacement after serving for a period no less than 100 years. At the end of this time, during which his successor has been recognized, and trained thoroughly, in how best to manage the craftworld, he ascends to an inner circle of as a potential next offering to the Avatar

What sort of people are they in terms of relations to others?
Mul-Girtab as a craftworld is known for its honor and secrecy, and has never reneged on an agreement with others, or dealt with them unfairly.  Generally, it has stable relations with others as a result, though its enemies know no respite, and alliances are mostly made as a joint military venture, these ventures are often to only sort if it benefits Mul-Girtab. The craftworld's Houses sometimes engage in some trade with others.

Who do they interact with?
Mul-Girtab generally covertly interacts with the Imperium, the Tau, certain Space Marines (Black Consuls & Desert Tigers) and other Eldar.  Tyranids, Orks, the forces of Chaos are all to be shunned.  The Adeptus Sororitas and Grey Knights are generally not to be trusted as allies, though will engage a common enemy unbeknown in such a manner that the aid of the Eldar is never discovered. They have “adopted” some surviving member of the Black Consuls and have allowed them use of one of their worlds.

What sort of beliefs guide their culture?
The culture is guided by a deep sense of honour, refined justice and respect. The society is governed by strict adherence to the Paths of the Eldar and the social norm is always to seek out the best way to improve. Disputes are settled by a tribunal of peers, whose decision is final. More serious matters are sometimes settled in the “Arena” battles are never to the death.

How large is this society?
Mul-Girtab is a single craftworld, with four satellite worlds, with a population of about 100 million.
Each world is designated to a function such as war craft, argicultutral, culture with additional functions in aiding the support systems of Mul-Girtab. A fifth world was recently lost in a Chaos execuriosn, the citizens sacrificed to the Dark Gods.

How much wealth is available to this society?
The society as a whole is fiercely independent and strives to provide everything needed for its maintenance without dependence on outside sources.  Its equipment and shrines are lovingly maintained, but the society as a whole is not exceptionally wealthy, valuing merit above material possession.  This means that trade between themselves and other Eldar is executed as necessity dictates.

What sort of environment does this society exist in?
The society is contained between the craftworld and satellite planets. Mul-Girtab is designed as a spacious forest wonderland, with each world having its own webway contained in the Heart Wood. Each world contains a smaller Heart Wood, linking to the other world and craftworld through a single webway with many paths. Besides its primary function, each world is designed, to be semi-sef sufficient as they serve as training grounds and in addition to additional functions. Much of the external commerce between Mul-Girtab is performed using the Houses as intermediaries.  As a result, the Houses are designed as both military and metropolitan areas of varying major portions, with a large area given over to shrines specific to the particular House in question.

How do smaller units of this society relate to the whole?
Mul-Girtab behaves as a fractured nation, each satellite world is treated as an equal.  The balance of power is held because most of the trade and defense of Mul-Girtab occurs through the actions of the sister worlds.  These are ruled by the members of the Inner Council who are subject to the will of the Path, who is always chosen from the council of Mul-Girtab.  The Council members form their own the Houses of Path whose members choose their successors from civilians of Mul-Girtab, though usually these will be civilians who have had extensive dealings on a particular world.

Army Philosophy -
Mul-Girtab place a premium on infantry with other elements serving supportive roles. They utilize preemptive strikes, whilst harassing the remaining elements of their enemy. The enemy is given varies feigns and lures never know which to be a true retreat. A favourite tactic is to retreat, then swiftly turn crippling the enemy in one blow. The tactics involved will be typical to the closing of a scorpions claw, focus on the claw and you will not notice the tail. Each part as deadly as the next.

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