Back from the dead with a Battle Report

The BLOG/PLOG is back from the dead. A new format will be used gopin forward. the local gaming group will all be contributing stories, battle reports and content.  Running ablog (solo) can be like a 3rd job, so I asked for some assistance and they all have come through. Look forward to more weekly content.

Out local "friendly" Necron player has been wiping the tables with his new army. Here is one of his battles, this battle was VERY close and was won by a last turn push at the objectives. The SM player Lord Laude did not have his new codex, so a rematch is being planned.

Black Templars vs Necrons  - 3000pts 
Eternal War: The Scouring 
Deployment: Dawn of War 

Black Templars - Combined Arms Detachment
Captain (Warlord Trait-Divide and Conquer)
Emperors Champion
Dreadnought (venerable)
Terminator Assault Squad (Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield)
Terminator Assault Squad (Pair Lightning Claws)
Crusader Squad-10man (Drop Pod)
Crusader Squad-5man (Drop Pod)
Crusader Squad-5man (Rhino)
Crusader Squad-5man (Rhino)
Crusader Squad-5man
Crusader Squad-5man
Fast Attack
Assault Squad-6man (Jump Packs)
Stormtalon Gunship
Stormtalon Gunship
Heavy Support
Centurion Devastator Squad

Necrons (Decurion Detachment) -
Reclamation Legion 
Overlord(Warlord trait-Implacable Conqueror)
Lychguard (Hyperphase Swords Dispersion Shields/NightSythe)
Tomb Blades
Canoptek Harvest
Flayed Ones
Judicator Battalion

Turn 1 

The Black Templars had won the roll off to deploy there forces first. They set up their defenses of the planet by holding down the majority of key objectives the Necrons sought to control. The necron Legion counter deployed the Astartes Warriors as best they could. The necron Overlord needed to break their defenses in order to push further into the city. Turn 1 started with the Templars going first and unleashing the might of the Imperium at the unflinching necron force. Unfortunately for the necrons a well aimed lascanon shot breached the shields of the Triarch Stalker and caused it to explode. The necrons pushed forward. The warriors where able to wreak a drop pod carrying a dreadnought that landed near them and a squad also managed to glance the dreadnought. The canoptek harvest moved forward looking to charge the squad that had landed out of a drop pod. Triarch Praetorians took to the sky with their jump packs looking to engage the enemy. The canoptek harvest made their charge with ease and the wraiths destroyed the crusader squad and the scarab swarm chewed through the drop pod rendering it useless.

Turn 1 saw the Black Templars leading 11-1(with first blood). Holding three objectives in their back field worth 3, 3 and 2pts, in addition, their Dreadnought had secured another worth 2pts. The Necrons did not get off to a very good start only holding one objective worth 1pt and defeating this force wouldn’t be easy.

Turn 2

 Reinforcements began to arrive for the Black Templar’s. A stormtalon was able to reach the battlefield and two terminator assault squads had deep struck down to reinforce their lines and to defended their main forces from the threat of a praetorian squad coming their way. Realizing the threat the Canpotek harvest presented to their lines many of the marine forces opened fire on the wraiths. The unrelenting firepower from the marines managed to kill three of the seemingly indestructible wraiths. The stormtalon flew of the necron gun line and unleashed all of its fire power upon the necron warriors but to the dismay of the pilot the warriors started to stand back up and rejoin the unfazed ranks of the warriors. The mighty centurions recognizing the threat of the wraiths charged in knowing their sacrifice will aid the cause of the imperium and with the blessing of the Emperor managed to survive a round of combat unharmed by the wraiths as the stood toe to toe in close combat with the mighty beasts. The Overlord and his lychguard would be significantly delayed by the astartes forces with their tricks. The gun line continued its advance towards the city and the scarabs turned their attention to the Centurions. One immortal squad took aim at the stormtalon, however, it was a futile attempt at bringing down the fast and high maneuverable flyer. The praetorians took aim at the terminators and managed to bring down 3 of them. The scarabs joined the assault with the wraiths. Seeing the chance to assault two terminator squads the praetorians took the chance and made it close combat with both terminator squads. The combined attacks of the scarabs and wraiths eventually brought down the Centurions. The Praetorians successfully managed to destroy the remaining two terminators, however, there was still an entire squad to take destroy. In return the praetorians lost 2 of their own.

The score still remained 11-1 in favor the brave astartes warriors.

Turn 3 

The captain’s assault squad managed to successfully deep strike in their lines to further their defense of the city. The Dreadnought left the objective (2pts) he was holding to assault the praetorians. Then fire power of the vindicator and storm talon all but wiped out the unit of scarabs, leaving only one remaining. The rest of the fire power was absorbed by the wraiths. The Venerable Dreadnought charged the praetorians and managed to slay one. In addition, another praetorian was brought down by the terminators who lost one of their own in return. The necron overlord still was unable to reach the battlefield. Nevertheless, the forces still advanced towards the city. The wraiths and the flayed ones positioned themselves to assault the warlord and his unit. Shots were taken by the necron warriors killing several assault marines and removing two hull points from the vindicator. The flayed ones did not managed to make their charge distance but the wraiths smashed into the warlords unit. The wraiths managed to kill a few assault marines and didn’t take any damage in return. The praetorians and terminator squad somehow managed not to wound each other. Lastly, the dreadnought also failed to inflict any wounds on the praetorians and remained locked in combat.

This turn saw the necrons capture another objective worth 4pts bringing the score 9-5.
Turn 4 

The remaining Black Templars forces turned reached the battlefield. The Emperors champion and his unit came out of there drop pod to reinforce holding an objective on his flank worth 3pts. Another rhino holding a crusader squad moved towards an objective being held by another crusader squad. The Black Templar’s took a “you shall not pass” approach to holding these key objectives by swarming them with bodies and it was working well for them as the necrons didn’t have the fire power to deal with all of these units as most of their heavy hitters were locked in combat. The Emperors champion and his unit managed to kill the remaining pesky scarabs. The assaults continued as more flesh was ripped apart by the wraiths that inflicted more wounds unto the warlords unit. One praetorian was killed in the combat with the terminators and one terminator was slain. The dreadnought killed one praetorian. This turn finally saw the Overlord and his unit arrive. The unit was teleported out of there night scythe looking to charge the Emperors Champion or the warlord. The gauss fire came hurdling into the Black Templars as the vindicator was wrecked and the squad holding the objective was wiped out. The Overlord and his unit ran towards the middle objective (2pts) noticing the Emperors Champion’s unit, crusader squad and predator could not be wiped off the objective fast enough to claim the left hand objective. The combats continued and the warlord survived yet another combat with the wraiths. The praetorians did manage to kill another terminator and the dreadnought killed another praetorian.

The score remained 9-5.

Turn 5 

The final turn saw the Black Templars consolidate their holdings on the objectives. Shots were fired into the Overlords unit but only one Lychguard was destroyed. The combats began and the warlord by himself survived another combat and the terminators and dreadnought held their own against the praetorians. The score was 9-5 and if the Necrons failed to break enemy lines it would be over for them. The Overlord moved closer to the last crusader squad holding the 2pt objective and was ready to assault. One warrior squad moved unto the objective (2pts) the dreadnought was holding earlier in the game. The tomb blades moved behind enemy lines to ensure line breaker. It came down to this final assault. The Overlord declared a multi-assault against the crusader squad and the rhino. He was successful in reaching them both. The wraiths and flayed ones (who got into combat turn 4) managed to slay the warlord. The game was tied 9-9. The warlord and his unit needed to remove a rhino and an entire squad off of an objective to win the game. The crusader squad went first and didn’t manage to inflict any wounds on the hulking Lychguard. The Overlord managed to slay one marine and a few of his other bodyguards dealt two more wounds onto the unit. The rest of the attacks where inflicted on the rear armor of the rhino. The Lychguard managed to wreck it. It came down to one leadership test. The crusader squad ran but the warlord managed to catch him because of the Crusader special rule. The warlord consolidated onto the objective bringing the score 7-11 for a Necron VICTORY.

Two very solid lists and a very close game. Lord Laude faired well as he remembered his "rules" and abilities this game. But Overlord Tyler has been having a run with the new Necron codex and winning a few decisive "crushing" victories.

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  1. OH BOY. My opponent forgot about " AND THEY SHALL KNOW NO FEAR" special rule. It prevents my Overlord from wiping the remainder of the unit and consolidating onto the objective.This means the game was a technically a draw(9-9). However, a future matchup will take place to rectify this mistake.